PSN Name Changes are real! It only took 13 odd years, but hey

Soon you can undo some past decisions – sort of

Online ID.  Gamertag.  Screen name.  Different names, same theory – the name you show to the world when you game online.

Most services allow you to update your screen name over time, but there has been one major player that has resisted – Sony.

When I first created my account on my shiny new fat PlayStation 3, I misread the screen and made my email address my PSN ID.

I thought to myself ‘I don’t play online – what’s the worst that can happen?’

As a plus to that thought, the amount of spam mail I got really puts gmails spam filter logic to the test these days 🙂

Now Sony has posted all kinds of reasons not to allow users to do the change, some technical and some philosophical.

PlayStation 3
When I bought one of these in 2007, my PSN ID was locked in forever.

Stopping people from griefing and bullying someone and then quickly changing their ID sounds reasonable.  However, if there was a good audit trail in place this wouldn’t be a real concern when people are investigated.  Yes, you report a User ID, but the report should go and check against the unique identifier that is attached to the screen name, not the name itself.

Now I don’t work at Sony, but I work in IT.  It sounds like there was basically a flawed design that has been left to be for over a decade, and now there are problems with fixing it.

The problems come in the form of some games having problems with the ID change.  No real details are available for what these bugs could be, but I am guessing potential account issues with online play as a primary concern.

Sony is working with developers to minimise this, and testing will begin soon with some lucky testers.  But while all this is being worked out, the rest of us will have to wait for sometime in 2019 before we can update our names.

Will you be changing your ID?  It will be nice to have all platforms call me JohnHQLD again 😀

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