Prepare to face the storm in Forbidden Sky!

Nothing is an enticing as something Forbidden.

The Forbidden series of cooperative games have been great additions to a games collection for a few years now. It started with Forbidden Island, gained massive sales momentum with Forbidden Desert. And at long last we know what is coming next – Forbidden Sky.

As with most of these reveals it’s hard to know a lot about the game as there isn’t really any information other than the box art. Gamewright seems to have gone all out with a teaser video though, a little outside the norm for bard games.

Based on Matt Leacock’s previous titles and the box art, there is some information we can safely guess. You will be playing with up to five people this time around on a board that will change as you play. In Forbidden Island, you were sinking. In the Forbidden Desert, you had sandstorms and thirst. From the looks of Forbidden Sky, this time the dynamic board will be taking place in a storm, with electrical dangers.

As US Summer is only a couple of months away, it won’t be long until firmer information comes along and I will be sharing as Matt Leacock is one of my favourite designers.

Oh, and the Forbidden Town Hall was a comment made during a Dice Tower panel where people were suggesting the next location.

Enjoy the teaser trailer below!

Forbidden Sky Teaser

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Forbidden Sky Box Art
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