Posthuman Saga is live on Kickstarter

An interesting idea just took off in leaps and bounds in my mind

Posthuman is a game I want to love.  I don’t mean that in a bad way – it is an amazing survival game with a lot of twists and great narrative potential.  It’s just if I describe it to my games group, I can see the enthusiasm for playing dropping with every attempt at a description.

So I have played it 2-3 times solo, and it’s up the top of the “come back to it” pile.  Right after 7th Continent and Gloomhaven.  It’s always bugged me that this is unfair to Posthuman – daying I will come back and play after about 300 hours of other games, with new ones coming in that will probably bump it again.

Working against Posthuman is that it’s a teaching mess and a statistician’s wet dream.  It’s not a game that you can teach while playing, and a lot of investment is required for people to learn how to play it.  But Posthuman is a game I think needs the extra players, and the satisfaction of finishing a game is completely worth it.  So until I can convince people to give it a fair go that just seems to be how it is.

In Posthuman, you play as part of a group of some of the last ‘human’ survivors trying to make it to safety.  This isn’t quite the standard post-apocalypse scenario we all expect.  In the Posthuman universe, instead of nuclear war, no fuel or artificial intelligence rising to save humanity from itself.  This time, it’s the mutants that are the problem.

No cataclysmic even though caused mutations – no, ‘we’ did.  Artificially improving people meant that ‘normal’ people became the minority, and it just got worse from there.

Posthuman. So much potential, but hard to sell as a fun experience.

So your group is trying to survive and reach ‘The Fortress’ intact.  Not just intact as a group, intact also as in fully human.  Mutation has essentially become communicable, so attacks on the way can cause you to become a mutant yourself.

This keeps not only a timer and end game as you can’t enter the fortress if you’re a mutant, but also essentially a character change mechanic.  If you become a mutant, you now actively work against the group and try to turn them as well.

Simplified, but this is Posthuman, and the possibilities are great!  But convincing people to invest 3-5 hours in a rules discussion and then a game (more likely 2) for everything to click is the hard ask.  Especially when all you are doing is getting to ‘The Fortress’ – story wise for some, this isn’t a satisfactory ending.

But now on Kickstarter, the story is continuing.  Posthuman Saga is live and takes place a year after Posthuman.  The story is you made it safely, and now you are essential members of the Fortress community.

Life has been relatively good for the last year, but now resources are stretching too thin, and people have to go over the wall and explore.  Can you guess which people that will be?

You don’t need Posthuman to play Posthuman Saga, it’s a completely stand-alone experience.  A lot of love is going into this world, and I am excited by the possibilities that it holds.

Posthuman Saga - it may look bleak and harsh, but that is the world it is set in

As an option, you can also back the Resistance Expansion, turning the base survival game into one of not only surviving but fighting back against mutant slavers.

Many, many stories can be told in this universe, and that is this worlds biggest draw for me.  On the Kickstarter page, there is supposed to be a sample of the stories, but as of writing, this link was down.  The rules were working, and while the rules seem slightly more streamlined, I do think this still be a lot of player investment to learn to play.

But with a continuing story unfolding, with any luck, I can convince some of my group that the investment is worth it for more than a single game.

Plus, I can’t wait to paint these guys!

I can also hear thebackstories just by looking at them

Check out Posthuman Saga on Kickstarter and Board Game Geek.

Until tomorrow!

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