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Blatherings are infrequent sessions where I talk about whatever is on my mind 😀

Clear, Concise Ramblings being Alpal and I just talking about what we have been playing lately, and is the most ‘current’ playlist with weekly episodes.

And now you can subscribe to the podcast with your favourite podcast software!  Well, mostly.

Search for JohnHQLD Podcasts in your player, or you can open them directly in Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud here.  If searching for JohnHQLD Podcasts doesn’t work, add this RSS feed URL and you should be ready to go!

Thanks again for listening 😀

JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 3 – A little bit of what’s been happening

Welcome to the third and little late episode of JohnHQLD Blatherings! This episode I share a quick round of thoughts on some gaming news, then thoughts on Campy Creatures, Ex Libris, and a preview and initial thoughts on Fallout the Board Game

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JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 2 – My history with Android Netrunner

Welcome to the second episode of JohnHQLD Blatherings! This episode I share my history with Android Netrunner and describe why it’s my favourite game that I probably won’t play anymore.

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JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 001 – The Inaugural Episode!

Welcome to the very first JohnHQLD Blatherings! This episode is just a little about myself and some background, and general information on what I hope to achieve with this podcast.

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Sorry guys, Blatherings is being delayed

Ummmm… Well… That didn’t work 🙁  That’s one way to keep an old man quiet I suppose!

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So who noticed the weird menu item? Did you?

So you may have noticed there is a little menu item that might not make sense. But what else do you call the ramblings of an old man? I think JohnHQLD’s Blatherings is a good description!

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