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Home of the Blatherings and the Ramblings!

Blatherings are infrequent sessions where I talk about whatever is on my mind 😀

Clear, Concise Ramblings being Alpal and I just talking about what we have been playing lately.

Either way, I hope you enjoy listening!

JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 3 – A little bit of what’s been happening

Welcome to the third and little late episode of JohnHQLD Blatherings! This episode I share a quick round of thoughts on some gaming news, then thoughts on Campy Creatures, Ex Libris, and a preview and initial thoughts on Fallout the Board Game

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JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 2 – My history with Android Netrunner

Welcome to the second episode of JohnHQLD Blatherings! This episode I share my history with Android Netrunner and describe why it’s my favourite game that I probably won’t play anymore.

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JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 001 – The Inaugural Episode!

Welcome to the very first JohnHQLD Blatherings! This episode is just a little about myself and some background, and general information on what I hope to achieve with this podcast.

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Sorry guys, Blatherings is being delayed

Ummmm… Well… That didn’t work 🙁  That’s one way to keep an old man quiet I suppose!

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So who noticed the weird menu item? Did you?

So you may have noticed there is a little menu item that might not make sense. But what else do you call the ramblings of an old man? I think JohnHQLD’s Blatherings is a good description!

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