Playstation VR Price Cut Coming April 2nd

When you lean on the table in VR, you will fall over.  We all do.

I recently wrote about the upcoming release of HTC Vive Pro, and the subsequent price drop of the HTC Vive.  Apparently, Sony doesn’t want anyone still on the fence to think that’s too good a deal, and have announced a price drop of the PlayStation VR with Camera Bundle.

Starting April 2nd, the kit drops from AUD$549 to $420.  This essentially gives you the camera for free with a little extra to spend on your first VR game.  Depending on what you want to play though, you will still need to buy the move controllers.

PSVR Camera Bundle

This makes a great value proposition even better, especially if you were thinking about taking the plunge.  Another nice but quiet bonus is this bundle seems to include the PSVR 2.0 headset.  While technically almost the same headset, a couple of things were improved.

First, 4K and HDR passthrough is implemented, meaning you get the full benefits if you have a compatible TV instead of unplugging your PS4 from the VR and into the TV direct all the time.

Second, the wiring was simplified and the headset now has inbuilt headphones, and cables are all connected to the back of the head strap.  It seems a small change, but the cabling can get in the way more than it needs to, so it’s a welcome change.

The cable and headphone position may be slight, but it is a marked improvement

Again, there is no competition with PSVR toe to toe with VR on the PC, but for less than half the total price of entry, PlayStation VR is a lot of fun.

Oh and for those saying VR is dead – play Moss.  The ‘tech demo’ phase is basically over, and this is a great example of what can be done with the tech.  Resident Evil 7 also holds up a year later as a good example of immersive gameplay.  It even helped pioneer ways to overcome issues with the tech, but Resident Evil is nowhere near as family friendly.

I just wish the price drop was before the Easter public holidays.  I don’t think this drop will cause a huge spike in adoption, but it would have been a great window for those that this tips over the fence to try it VR.

Side Note – PSVR Controllers

I am still undecided on the Aim controller.  If you can grab the Farpoint bundle at a good price it’s worth it, but there still isn’t really any other games that take advantage of it.  Dual wielding with the Move controllers have been more fun with more games so far, and are much more a must have must-have purchase.

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