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Well this just looks silly.¬† I like it ūüėÄ

I don’t pretend to be a Pokemon master.¬† I enjoyed Pokemon Yellow back in the day, then Pokemon Moon.¬† I still haven’t finished Pokemon Ultra Sun.¬† Recently I have been catching up on the anime, which overall I have been enjoying.

Then there is Pokemon Go.¬† Like a lot of people, I jumped in last year and had a fun diversion, then let it die away.¬† It has recently gotten my attention again, as there is apparently a way to catch a Mew, and possibly a Mewtwo apparently.¬† Actual ‘goals’ have been added, and that has me at least willing to look at it again.

Now when I play, I tend to do it in the same areas.  This does limit the amount of different Pokemon I can catch, but that is simply how it is.

One Pokemon I was lucky to catch one PAX Aus was the Exeguttor.  Now, Pokemon masters will be able to tell you all sorts of different fun facts about this Pokemon.

Me – you evolve it from a group of eggs, and I think that is hilarious.¬† It’s just one of those small things that make me laugh.¬† No real reason to love it, apart from it tickles my funny bone.

Pokemon Go Exeggutor
Yep - this guy is the evolved form of a six pack of eggs

Well, because I hadn’t been on Pokemon Go for a fair while, I had a LOT of news to read.¬† Well, I say read – hit close as fast as possible would be a truer description.

One of the bits of news I flicked past is that Alola Pokemon have now made it into the game.¬† In the back of my mind, all I could hear was “Well there is another huge bunch Pokemon I won’t get”.

Turns out I was wrong!¬† The very first Pokemon that appeared for me when I was waiting for a work lunch was…

The Alolan Exeggutor!

The two are very similar, except the Alolan¬†Exeggutor is Grass/Dragon vs the ‘normal’ Grass/Psychic Exeggutor.

Plus, it’s a palm tree.¬† This thing is no so big it doesn’t fit on your screen!

Pokemon Go Alolan Exeggutor
How do you make a ridiculous idea more fun? TURN IT INTO A PALM TREE!

This is all a part of the promotion for the recently announced Pokemon Lets Go for the Nintendo Switch, but it was just what I needed to see this afternoon to put a smile on my face.

Do you have silly gaming things that put a smile on your face?  Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page!

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