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Stuffed Fables – the story that just keeps on giving

I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of Stuffed Fables yet, so all of my impressions are based on videos and information on the internet. But everything I am seeing has me excited to be giving it a good play through. I have played a couple of games of Mice and Mystics but didn’t take the whole plunge for various reasons. By all accounts this is a simpler game better to play with younger children, which is an area of my collection that is a little lacking. I have some very simplistic games, but not much that 8-9-year-olds can play without a lot of hand-holding because of things like being text heavy.

In short, Stuffed Fables is advertised as a ‘Story Book Adventure’. You play as a stuffie, which is one of the stuffed toys tasked with protecting their child from dangers through the night. While the theme may seem fairly light and childlike, don’t be fooled. There are some changes like health is replaced with stuffing, but you are essentially combating nightmare creations through the night. This may be a game suitable for younger children, but at the moment I would say only once you have looked at it yourself. For example, some of the toys are similar to the toys from the bully Sid in Toy Story, and I know some children had issues with those images.

There are seven stories included in the game, and you play through each story even if you ‘fail’, part of the reason why you play a story more than a campaign. There are some fairly standard role-play mechanics involved, as well as resource and dice management.

There are some video game publishers and developers that seem to give you content for years after the initial release. Look at CD Project Red and The Witcher series for example. Yes, there are paid DLC and expansions, and I don’t begrudge paying the people for their hard work if I want more of the game. That said, some groups they give you a huge amount of additional content as well on top of this is an amazing amount of work.

What do these two points have in common? Plaid Hat as a thank you has started releasing some free goodies for those lucky enough to already have a copy of Stuffed Fables!

The first item is a colouring book that also includes some new Stuffies to play with! Download your free colouring book here.  Even if you don’t like the game, it’s something cute to colour in 🙂

The second item is something that can be done easier with some of the apps assisted games but is a very welcome addition. Simply – it’s a new campaign! Download the Lost Stories #1 here.

Check out Stuffed Fables on Board Game Geek here.

Stuffed Fables Box Art

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