PAX Aus is coming – and I am ready for PAX XP again!

Who else is interested in joining forces for PAX XP?

PAX Aus is getting closer. Just look at the countdown if you aren’t sure how close :p

PAX XP is apparently a little different this year. I haven’t seen anything official from the PAX Aus group yet, but I have had a look at the buzz from PAX West.

Last year, the prize for completing the AR game was a mug. OK, not the biggest prize to go nuts over, but it sits with my collection and is used constantly. It is a pretty nice mug to have my coffee from 🙂

This year, there are also trophies for PAX XP. Yep, Achievements/Trophies have hit PAX Aus!

On your badges this year is your own PAX QR code, and one of the first trophies you got was to scan yourself in. At PAX West, there were also two teams that collectively all PAX XP participants earned points towards to see which team won.

The individual pieces combine to create a custom image for each event
My prize from last year - a mug 🙂 Considering the merch cost, not a small prize!

Now, I am not 100% sure if this model will be followed by PAX Aus, but as they are so close together I would be rather surprised if they weren’t. I can confirm that this years badge has the code, as I got mine yesterday 😀 And yes, I was useless at work for about 15 minutes afterwards, I was so buzzed!

Last year after posting the completed image, I had a few people contact me for help finding certain codes. It was great actually meeting up with a few of them to help them find the code and chat about their experiences.

That got me thinking. This year, I thought it might be fun to create a JohnHQLD PAX Aus XP group. What do you think?

I was thinking of creating a closed Facebook group and we can mark down the individual locations as we find them. If there are trophies, maybe even make a trophy unlock list as well.

What I don’t want to do is post the actual QR code in the group. A big part of the fun is exploring all of PAX after all. A couple of people didn’t even realise that some areas existed!

If this is something you think you would like to join, hit like on the Facebook post or down below. If there is interest, I will create a group end of next week and post a link to it 🙂

Until PAX Aus,

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