Pandemic Legacy Season 3 is actually Season 0!

We have known that Season 3 has been in the works for Pandemic Legacy for quite some time. Now, it’s confirmed that the final Legacy chapter is actually a prequel.

I really enjoy Pandemic. That’s never been a secret. When I first started the site, I even got some of my friends to play Pandemic Legacy Season 1 for the first time on camera. You can see this on the YouTube channel here if you like!

Life and a few things have gotten in the way of my Pandemic Legacy Season 2 playthrough. Still, it was a fun twist that I enjoyed and will definitely be starting up again soon.

Last night on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel (a board gaming channel that you should definitely check out), this little nugget appeared.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 - Teaser Trailer

Umm, ok. What was that?

It’s a teaser. There was hope that Pandemic Legacy Season 3 would be coming out (or at least revealed) late last year, but that never came to be.

The fact that the final in the Pandemic Legacy trilogy is being talked about officially at all is promising. And it’s a prequel – so the story ends where it begins? There is an awful lot that can be done with this sort of narrative play.

So, now we are back to waiting. But the groundwork is laid, and I am excited.

Well, you said officially talked about…

So Rob Daviau and Pandemic creator Matt Leacock have spoken before about a third Pandemic Legacy game since the reveal of Season 2. They said that the third game would be the last chapter of the series. No word about it being a prequel though.

All that said, over on Reddit user arankas posted the box art nabbed from the Z-Man game website. 

The cover feels right, but until official announcments treat it as speculation only

Given how easy it is to accidentally publish items ahead of time, this feels like the final cover art for Pandemic Legacy Season 0.

That’s just a feeling though. Until Z-Man officially launches the site and makes announcements, the box and anything you can infer from the art is pure speculation.

What is set in stone though is I am excited to see Pandemic Legacy Season 0 release, and I need to finish my Season 2 campaign!

Until next time,

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