Pandemic is turning 10 years old! Time for the anniversary edition

It’s always fun watching the world get infected

Pandemic.  Arguably one of the best cooperative gateway games around.  I can’t believe it’s only been 10 years since it hit the market.  I have probably only been playing it for around 6 years, but I know it’s one of my most played games.

I started playing Pandemic before I started recording plays (and I still only do that half-heartedly), but I know I have played the base Pandemic over 100 times.  The amount of people I have taught Pandemic to is also likely close to the triple digits.  It’s just a great game.

It’s not a perfect game.  Pandemic has its faults.  But Pandemic is a game that I can pull out and easily 80{dfca638b9dbdbc1caf156b9b6679a983a965572ca56a786c9cf360ad3783820c} of the time find people enthusiastic for a game.

Becuase of this and current marketing trends, Z-Man have announced the Pandemic 10-year anniversary edition.

There are some really nice touches, such as the coming in an early20th-century style first aid kit metal tin.  The game also goes back to its first edition printing wooden cubes, but now with screen printed pictures of the virus in question.

But if you preorder, the biggest bonus of all is instead of meeples, you get prepainted miniatures of the characters.

The most visible change to the base game - minis!

The miniatures look fantastic and will answer what some people have been asking for in Pandemic for years.  In a well-timed how do you do, I just got my Kickstarted Viral Outbreak miniatures a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t regret buying them and I am looking forward to painting them, but yeah the timing was just right to make me say “Really?”.

I haven’t been able to see the board yet, but the components on display definitely have that vintage feel to them.  And not just the first edition wooden cubes, but the cards themselves have all been given a retheme.  The Anniversary Edition is a definite gift idea for any Pandemic collectors you know.

Because I have all of the second edition expansions (as well as spin-off games), I can’t see myself buying a copy.  I just don’t think I need another copy of the base game.

And I think this is a good thing because the preorder price on the Z-Man store is the tidy sum of USD$99.95.  If there was word on expansions getting a similar treatment, or the game had the expansions included, maybe I would think about it.

A vintage feel is definitely what is being put out there with the Anniversary edition

This inability to expand a special edition is my only regret buying the 10th Anniversary Ticket to Ride.  It’s beautiful and fun and I love playing it, but I need to buy the base game again before being able to take advantage of a lot of the expansions available, and Pandemic will suffer more from this.

It’s a wonderful homage and I am really happy that Z-Man is releasing this.  The components involved and pre-painted mini’s to me justify the high asking price.  But as the miniatures are a preorder bonus, you will need to get in quick, otherwise you will just have a very expensive version of Pandemic.

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Pandemic Legacy style 'ID' cards are included, but they also get that retro feel treatment.
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