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Welcome to JohnHQLD.com!  Thank you so much for checking it out.  I’m John, and this is my site.  Mainly I will be talking about things that catch my interest, primarily in gaming but sometimes in other fields as well.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or would like my thoughts on, leave me a note on the Facebook page or comment here with Disqus!

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Munchkin Review

So I have said a few times that I love the Munchkin Universe, but I don’t play the base game anymore. Today, I review Munchkin and share all of my perceived pros and cons of a game that is going strong almost 20 years later.

The Mind is coming to test your psychic skills

The Mind Feature

There are games that I really enjoy that stop players from communicating with each other. On one hand, I enjoy the challenge of these games. On the other, I love watching players trying to find as many cheats as possible. The Mind looks like another game where I will see creative communication come to the fore.