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Welcome to!  Thank you so much for checking it out.  I’m John, and this is my site.  Mainly I will be talking about things that catch my interest, primarily in gaming but sometimes in other fields as well.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or would like my thoughts on, leave me a note on the Facebook page or register here to add comments!

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the site.


Sometime, the stupidest movies make the best watching. Like Rampage.

Rampage with Dwayne Johnson comes out today. Yes, I used to play the video game back in the day, but I don’t think that will have too much bearing on the plot. But sometimes, you don’t really want a plot. Just a series of events that will keep you entertained.

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25 years on, I’m finally getting a linking book! Myst 25th Anniversary Edition now on Kickstarter

The game that helped sell CD-Rom drives is coming back! Cyan has managed to get the entire Myst series together for the first time in an amazing 25th anniversary edition, and at higher tiers has a linking book complete with LCD screen! Nostalgia sells people, what can I say?

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Warhammer Quest 2 finally coming to Android this week

HeroQuest was my first ‘big’ game that really got me into a lot of different board games. One vs Many, RPG, Campaign games were really new in the 80’s. That led me to Warhammer Quest, a game I hold up even today as a standard I compare new games against. 20 odd years later, Warhammer Quest came out as a fun mobile game experience, and this week I can finally play Warhammer Quest 2!

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Call of Cthulhu Leather Campaign Journals on Kickstarter

Journals. I have heard them described as expensive notebooks. And in a lot of ways, this isn’t incorrect. But TYPE40 from Melbourne has a Kickstarter right now that adds a Lovecraftian twist and a imbues the journal with their creative passion. These Call of Cthulhu Journals aren’t just for RPG fans – anyone that loves writing and Lovecraft should check them out.

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Love Letter Review

Love letter from AEG is a simple game and a whole lot of fun to play. In fact, it’s so good, it feels like Monopoly is the only game with more versions of it! So today I review the classic game and three different versions as well!

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