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Welcome to JohnHQLD.com! I’m JohnHQLD, and this is my little corner of the internet. Hopefully, you will come and join us as we share our love of gaming.

Mainly I will be talking about things that catch my interest, primarily in gaming. Board Games, Video Games, Puzzles – I don’t mind. As long as we are all having fun, that’s all I worry about.

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Last Week’s Gaming

It was a small run for Last Weeks Gaming. No games with Alpal and a full-on week equal a very slim gaming week. But it wasn’t all bad! I have made headway with the streaming setup, and I have my Retropie setup ready for installation and streaming!

Steam is hosting Digital Tabletop Fest!

One of the things I love about PAX is the variety. Not just video games and board games, but insights into designing, playing, marketing – there is something there for everyone. Steam has revealed the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest starting in a couple of weeks, and it focuses on a very niche area – digital board games!

Last Week’s Gaming

It was another long week, but I got a lot of gaming in last week! There were some new board games on the table, and I even started on a game I have wanted to play for a really long time now. It wasn’t quite as relaxing as Geralt’s bath though. Many more games hopefully hitting the table soon! But that’s future talk – let’s have a look at what I did get to play.

October Highlights 2020

Only three more months left in 2020. We can make it! As I started in September, here are some October Highlights that I am looking forward to. Not in any particular order, just things that will make me pay attention this month

Last Week’s Gaming – September 28th, 2020

Last week just flew by, but once again life found a way to get in some serious gaming! I keep looking at my Switch longingly, but there weren’t any straight video games played last week. I did get to play a couple of games I hadn’t played for ages, plus I finally got to play Tapestry! That is going to take me down a rabbit hole. But why put everything here? Come on and see what I did in Last Weeks Gaming!