Page Quest: Season 1 Kickstarter with the free A4 Quest!

A4 Quest. Page Quest. It sounds like when I need to format a report at work.

So the other day I hear an offhand comment about a solo print and play game called A4 Quest. It sounded a standard type of affair – get through the dungeon and beat the boss using dice. It was something that I thought I might be interested in but put in the ‘later’ pile.

Then I go looking through some Kickstarter emails and see a reference to a solo game called Paper Quest. Well, didn’t that sound familiar. Looking around I see it’s from the same guys that did the Superhot Card Game, so I have a closer look at the preview.

To my surprise, it’s the same guys that made A4 Quest! Board & Dice and Thistory Games apparently team up on a few projects, and this is the latest. Looking at the preview for the Kickstarter project, it sounds like a game I would be interested in. So I print up the first scenario of A4 Quest, grab my dice, tokens and Superhot figure, and play.

Now I did this late at night after a long day. My brain was not in the best condition. I was in a funny mood and decided to test if it was truly print and play. And it pretty much was! The gameplay is relatively intuitive, iconography makes sense, and the summary tables on the ‘board’ are easy to follow. My first game took 20 minutes, but that was my own fault. I had to restart as I ran out of dice on the second panel, and it was because I wasn’t playing properly. The Boss battle also took longer than it should of because of rule reading during the game.

I played it again immediately afterwards, and it took about 7 minutes to play and had a ball. A4 Quest is a fun little game that does seem to be asking for a little bit more to it. Not having to cut the board seems to be great for tutorial games, but not knowing the next room and what is required will make action dice management more meaningful. This is already covered by the game as you can cut out the individual rooms and create a random stack to explore as well. I also came nowhere close to losing both games I played, but I am putting that down more to above average dice rolls with a scenario that eases you in.

It’s these areas where Page Quest seems to be stepping up to the plate. Page Quest seems to be essentially the same format as A4 Quest, but have an overarching end goal rather than a single experience. I wouldn’t say campaign as such, simply an episodic format – kind of like Telltale video games. The ‘Season 1’ also strengthens this impression for me. This is by no means a bad thing – it simply means that each month there will be a continuation to the story. Based on the gameplay of A4 Quest, this just means a fun 20 minutes each month as the new boards arrive.

Check out the Page Quest Kickstarter here and have a look for yourself. Do yourself a favour and while your there, grab the pdf for the 3 A4 Quest adventures and have a bit of fun playing as well. It’s a lot of fun to be had with 9 printed pages, 7 tokens and 5 dice!

You can also check out the A4 Quest Board Game Geek page here and pick up extra companions!

A4 Quest Gameplay 01
The idea is simple. Get your piece to the end of the quest. How hard can it be?
It may not look like much, but this adventure is a lot of fun. Superhot mini not required!
Characters from the Kickstarter Page Quest
Full character dossiers are a fun touch, and the presentation is awesome.

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