One Week Ultimate Werewolf is now on Kickstarter!

The castle is so definitely not haunted at all

I love social deduction games, and one of my favourite game night ones is Werewolf. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s Ultimate Werewolf or the Werewolves of Millers Hollow – either is a lot of fun to play.

One big drawback to these games is player count – you need about a dozen player to get a ‘proper’ game going. This makes getting a game in progress difficult at best and is normally reserved an end of the night or special night with my gaming group. Another is that it’s a longish game, and there is player elimination almost instantly, meaning some people sit out for quite some time.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf and others help with this a lot. Needing a minimum of 4 players (but still you want 5-6) each game takes about 7 minutes thanks to timers, and there is no player elimination. Because each game is a single night, you have roughly 5 minutes (you set the limit) to work out who is the werewolf. Win lose or draw, at the end of the night, it’s game over so that you can play multiple games easily.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Now on Kickstarter, One Week Ultimate Werewolf is now available to back!. The game will take about an hour especially when learning, as you will play through an entire week rather than a single night. This means that you can build on a lot more information, and people that are uncomfortable with bluffing have more room to maneuver in.

Essentially, everyone has a secret role, and you all need to work out who is who. Unlike One Night Werewolf where you have set interactions based on your role, in One Week you explore Ludwig Castle and use the abilities of the rooms you stay in to gain intel or create confusion.

The folks over at Tantrum house did a full playthrough that shows the game and explains it better than I can in written form, check it out below:

Check out the Kickstarter Page here or the Board Game Geek Page here.

One thing I love about these projects if you haven’t had a chance to try them before is Bezier lets you get their entire back catalogue in one hit!  USD$300 is a lot, don’t get me wrong, but getting everything including some hard to get prints is a great opportunity.

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