Octopath Traveler is selling out worldwide

The game that takes retro homage to a spectacular new level

Things have started settling down for me, leading to time to get back into doing things I love doing.  I always try to make time for some gaming, and board gaming tends to take priority as it also leads to socialising as well.  Video game wise I have been tearing it up in Destiny with Harls, but my to get to list has just kept growing.  And growing.

The Nintendo Switch is a platform that has helped with this backlog already, and looks to be my gaming platform of choice for the next few months.  I had this plan a few months ago of trying to work in a couple of hours gaming 5 nights a week, with a different game most nights.  The idea was to pick 3-5 games I want to play and enjoy them all alongside each other.

No this may sound insane, but it makes sense.  I can play Final Fantasy XV and God of War as my ‘big’ games, and start putting a dent into Shovel Knight and some of my NES/SNES classic games backlog as well.  As one game is finished, replace it with another of the same weight.

And then Friday last week, I picked up Octopath Traveler.  I was apparently one of the lucky ones because stock was already hard to get.

On Friday, I picked up my pre-ordered copy and tried to buy a second copy for Rabbit only to be told there were no spare copies at my local EB.  I ended up having to drive to the second closest JB Hi-Fi to pick up their second last copy.

This is the kind of situation you usually expect with consoles, not the games themselves.  Sure, sometimes there is a sleeper hit and stores didn’t stock up as much as they could have.  Usually, it’s “We have a delivery coming next week, put one aside for you?” – but not in this case.

Who would have thought a retro style RPG would be this hard to buy?

It looks like all around the world, copies of Octopath Traveler are selling fast or already sold out on the opening weekend.  Areas of Japan are completely sold out, prompting Square Enix to tweet out an apology.  The rough translation is ‘We are sorry that some of the shops are out of stock.  You can also consider the DL version’ (referring to buying it from the Nintendo eShop).

Amazon US is out of stock.  Amazon AU is currently OK, but from my expedition Friday I don’t know how much longer this will be the case.  A quick search on the EB Games site shows my closest copy being almost 25 km’s away from home – that’s past 5 other stores, 3 of which are major ones!

So I can hear you asking what all the talk about my gaming schedule has to do with stock levels?

Well, frankly, nothing.  Nothing at all.  But you know how I said I was going to try and play a few different games at once?

Yeah, that’s not happening.  I am going for at least 6 hours of Octopath Traveler this weekend.  At a minimum.  That’s because 3 hours in, and this game is just amazing.  And that’s in the traditional early grind fest levels – the part of the game that is usually the hardest to get into.

Octopath Traveler Sample Screen
Is it a beautiful example of where the 2.5D graphics could have gone? Is it pandering to the retro fanbase? Yes to both, and it's amazing for it

If you enjoy RPG’s at all, this is without a doubt a game for you.  Yes it’s turn-based, yes it’s pixel art, there are so many ‘old’ ideas here for people to turn their nose up at it’s ridiculous.

But you know what else it is?  Incredibly immersive, addictive, and fun.

Until next time,

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