October Highlights 2020

Things I am looking forward to checking out this month

So as part of a new section, as promised here is a rundown of my October Highlights!

September is behind us. November is packed to the gills with releases and toys, and then it’s December. 2020 is almost over – the end is in sight. Where did all that time go?

But today, we are talking about things that I am looking forward to checking out in October. Let’s jump straight into it!

The Mandalorian Season 2

The show that has basically carried Disney+, the first season of The Mandalorian was a surprise. The surprise wasn’t that it was visually impressive, or full of little nods to previous lore.

The surprise was it was really, really good. To the point of you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy The Mandalorian. Stand-alone adventures with connecting threads, the right mix of action, suspense and humour, and of course The Child. Or as it is more commonly known, Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian does start a trend for October. It feels like all the things I am looking forward to being at the end of the month!

AMD CPU and GPU Reveals

I am leaving this one as a shorter one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s really techy, and not everyone is interested in that. Secondly, I am hoping to do a small piece on both the CPU and GPU events shortly after.

But October 8th is the date for the CPU news I have been waiting for – Zen 3. The 3000 series of CPUs made me a little sad on my 9900k purchase, but next year is my desktop upgrade cycle.

Then, October 28th sees the release of ‘Big Navi’ or the RDNA 2 based GPUs. It will be useful to see the official news on what is actually on offer and improvements made between generations for both products.

Oh, and a small reminder/PSA – Company Events are a mix of technical spec reveals and marketing hype. While I am waiting to see what the official changes/improvements are, always wait for real-world reviews backed up by reproducible results!

It's a graphics card. It's hard to make these look cool. Trying making a CPU look enticing!


I am not the most traditional holiday person around. PAX Aus is my entire holiday schedule wrapped up into one event. Close second though is Halloween. The scary games and movies, parodies, and fun that comes out in October tends to make me smile.

So while there is nothing special planned for Halloween this year (yet), you can be a lot of The Nightmare Before Christmas will be played this month!

And that ties into streaming…

Streaming starts this month! I have a long weekend this weekend, so I was going to spend Monday finishing the setup and maybe do a practice stream or two. I will definitely practice by recording a How To Play video or two!

As I said last time, the idea is that I will do a quick How To Play video for YouTube, and then hopefully, that means you can come along and play with me during the streams!

And as it is Halloween Month, I thought I might do some appropriate video game streams. One candidate in my ‘When I get to it’ pile is Man of Medan. I bought the first in the Dark Pictures Anthology last year, but I am yet to play it.

Even the dead seem to be enjoying this game!

Why would I be interested in playing it now?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

That’s right – the second instalment is due for release on October 30th! Now, by all accounts, these games aren’t the most extraordinary gaming experiences. You can finish the game in about five hours. But they are interesting takes on storytelling, and that is what has me intrigued.

Supermassive’s first game of this type Until Dawn was a campy horror trope filled but of fun. I really enjoyed the fact it revelled in being as cliche and silly as it was. With the Dark Pictures Anthology, gone is the ‘teen horror-comedy’ vibe, and I want to see how this plays out.

So, if I finish off the first game in time, that should let me know if I want to buy the second game, shouldn’t it?

Star Wars: Squadrons

This one is I am more intrigued than interested. By the time this goes up, I am hoping to have seen some actual gameplay and/or reviews.

I used to love playing X-Wing and Tie Fighter back in the day (but funnily enough not X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter). I have really missed the old space combat flight sims like X-Wing and Wing Commander. Sure, the flight controls were simple compared to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but that’s what made them fun!

Plus, there is the ability to play in VR. Yes, please! So I will be watching Squadrons play this month with interest. I really hope that the game at least comes close to its potential.

So that’s my list for October. What about you – what are you looking forward to? Let me know on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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