Now I can spend a few adventures as Deadpool with You Are Deadpool!

Are crocs proper reading shoes?

To say Deadpool is insanely popular right now would be a slight understatement.  Deadpool has always been my favourite out there character, an escape when I wanted my brain to just enjoy a journey.

And this morning, guess what arrived in my mail?

You Are Deadpool Arrived
The first two issues arrived today. With any luck, I will have the next 3 next week.

News around the place a few months ago about the upcoming You Are Deadpool had my ears twitching.  Essentially a choose your own adventure type experience, but this time as the Merc with a Mouth!

I already enjoy Deadpool’s fourth wall breaks, and now he gets to direct you through an adventure!

As usual, I have done my best to avoid spoilers, and on the whole, I have succeeded.  No idea what even the basic story elements are.  But be honest – do you read Deadpool for the storylines?

Deadpool teaching you how to read You Are Deadpool
The comic opens to a typically self aware joke

There are apparently ways to play the first issue that leads you to the fourth issue, but as they are weekly releases I am hoping this isn’t a big deal.

Each issue will apparently be visited no matter the storyline, so no ‘wasted’ issues.  And like any multiple branch storyline, there will be a form of replay value as you pick different choices and see the outcome.

It will be interesting to see how they deal with Wade’s healing factor – I can imagine in many types of stories being shot would be a ‘game over’, but this is Deadpool!  That could just make you stronger!

I will let you know how I find the comics once I have finished an entire story, but I am excited to give it a go.

Until then, as Deadpool says:

Must be true - Deadpool says so

Until later,

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