New Switch Tech, One Deck Dungeon goes fully Digital, and Awesome Mix 2.1

Resident Evil 7 on the Switch! Sort of…

So in a bit of a misleading title on Polygon yesterday, I was surprised and excited to see Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Nintendo Switch.  Even it was only in Japan, surely it was just a matter of time for the West?  And wait, it’s out THIS WEEK!  Wow, take that E3 news.

I have already finished all of the content on PS4, but I was still excited at the variety of games coming to the Switch.

I got RE7 day one on PS4 and immediately played it with PSVR.  I knew that Capcom had nailed it when walking through a flooded section under the house, and I held my head up in a tight section between the water and the roof.  I literally stopped and savoured how effortlessly immersive the environment truly was.

But then I kept reading, and so much clicked.  Resident Evil 7 isn’t really coming to the Switch.  It looks like it is the flagship game for a Nintendo equivalent of PlayStation Now, where you can stream your games to the console.

So interest at a game that I enjoyed but finished became interested at a quietly snuck in change for Nintendo.  There have been a couple of games on the Switch that really it hasn’t handled well, the worst offender that I purchased being Don’t Knock Twice.  The framerates were truly awful, causing major frustration in turning around as soon as the game started.  A game streaming service would certainly alleviate a lot of those problems.

Japanese Switch owners, enjoy. Jumpscares and portable mode could lead to some fun videos though.

Unlike the PlayStation Now subscription service, residents of Japan can essentially rent Resident Evil 7 for $18 for 6 months after a 15-minute trial.  That’s a pretty good pricing structure in my opinion – instead of $100 for a full game that you stop playing in a month or two, you get to play a smaller amount with a limited amount of playtime.  As much as I enjoyed my time with RE7, it’s not a game I go back to in any way, so it really does work well, and I figure two solid weeks to finish everything in the game including multiple runs, so six months is a generous time selection.

The downer for this tech though is the same as PlayStation Now – there is little hope of Australian servers, and regardless what the government says the NBN may not be good enough to handle the service for a large percentage of gamers.

One day, hopefully this will change, but until then it’s amazing to see Nintendo trying new online strategies.

If you want to enjoy the creepy but beautiful music of RE7 and the Cloud promotional video, check it out below.

One Deck Dungeon has been fully digitized

The popular roguelike dungeon crawling card game One Deck Dungeon is officially out of Steam Early Access, and a full release!

A popular game especially amongst solo players, I have been trying to get a copy of this for a while, and it looks like digital may be my saviour here.

One Deck Dungeon has a fairly unique feel to it, even as more card-based dungeon explorers hit the market.  Build a character and explore a dungeon, getting better stuff the further in you go.  Simple right?  But the further in you go, the harder the dungeon gets, so there is a push your luck feel the entire time as well.  This adds another layer of tension as you explore the dungeon, and helps make the solo adventures so compelling.

Over at, you nab a Print and Play demo version if you would like to give it a go.  I did, and regret the base game being difficult to grab over here.  I can get the standalone expansion Forest of Shadows, but to be honest I want the whole experience.

I prefer physical games on the whole, but solo play digital games done well are a great idea.  I can just bring out my phone, and even play just a couple of rounds while waiting for something – harder to do with the physical version.  A couple of games like Onirim, Hostage Negotiator and The Game are staples of my “I’m Bored” phone games collection, and One Deck Dungeon looks to be the next addition.

You can grab the digital version for USD$10 on Steam here, with Android and iOS coming in the next few days.  The trailer for the full game release can be seen below.

It's a whole lot of game for a tiny box, but my phone is still smaller

Thank you James Gunn!

So workday is a day.  People are being people, and suddenly realising we are only a few weeks away from End of Financial Year here in Australia.

What has this got to do with gaming?  Nothing.  But looking at suggested Spotify playlists, what appears but this little gem!

Written by the man himself on the playlist:

“The Russos & I have mentioned in interviews I provided a list of songs to be used for the Guardians’ intro in Infinity War. Since, many folks have asked what the other songs were. Well, I’ve gotten around to looking up the 4 songs in my files (and added 1 Ace Frehley song deleted from the film).”

So sitting down with some work to do, I have some new old tunes to sit back and enjoy while I work 😀

**If the player gives you trouble, you can open the playlist directly here.

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