New site plans on hold until 2022

Running a website is a full-time job, and I already have one of those.

I enjoy sharing my gaming experiences on There are many reasons why this is, and these have been talked about many times. But the time involved in trying to keep at it has become way too much again. I can plan for the best site updates around, but if I have no time to execute them?

The delays in my new work PC and some new projects have thrown many spanners in the works. A blip now and then I can find a workaround. But I will be changing course a lot with work, in the best ways.

Site Updates - New Build
Another interim step, but now the new build has begun

There are also changes happening all over at the moment. Kickstarter has easily tripled the amount of work involved in looking for new small projects. Twitch and YouTube are their usual strange selves when you don’t want to monetise, and the Facebook News blackout was a big wake up.

I keep tripping over in my site plans because I don’t have 40 hours a week to devote to it – I am lucky to have maybe 8. Twitch and YouTube is a great workaround, but I keep trying to do a full-time streamers schedule – I just can’t fit in the hours.

When I take a break, I can come out swinging. I can spend a day or two on an article and stack up a few in advance as a buffer. Then work kicks in, and I can’t keep up, and the buffer runs out.

So what are you going to do?

I need to reign in my ambitions, and I need everything in place before launching new plans. That was my mistake this time – I thought I could push myself for a couple of months waiting on a new CPU, which would make my life easier overall. Well, that hasn’t happened.

My new PC is looking to be at least another 3 months away. My position in the queue 5 months later has barely changed. I have a new workaround in getting my paid work out, but it’s making my site work more difficult. That was unforeseen.

So I have a heap of ideas but no time to execute them. This is the typical enemy of many hobbies.

Site Updates - Running-Out-Of-Time
We all know this feeling

So what does this all mean for the site?

I am dialling things back to being simply a blog. There will be some culling of old articles, and the only regular feature will be Last Weeks Gaming for quite some time. Maybe even the rest of the year.

There will be another site content shuffle sometime in the next few weeks to reflect this. That’s going to be a job in and of itself, but it can be done when I get to it. With no self-imposed time constraints, this sort of work isn’t hard to get in.

Any other content will just be up when I have the time. There will be other bits and pieces, but nothing is going to be consistently coming out.

So you are winding down again?

For a start, I am thinking about a complete reboot of the site. This isn’t an easy decision, but in the end, I think it’s the best answer. There are plenty of my original articles that constantly break in the background. The way I handle images has changed drastically over time. This is starting to take a toll from a technical perspective.

Short version – handling the ‘old’ content is starting to be more work than making new content, and I need to find an efficient way out of this. Without the pressure of creating new content, this will be a lot simpler.

I will also be taking time to dedicate to improving various creator skills. Video editing, planning video production, photography – things along those lines. There are always new things to learn, and I hope when I come back properly, there will be a much higher consistent quality level.

Going back and fixing these old articles takes forever 🙁

So when are you planning all this to happen?

When I am ready.

I am not putting a timeline on this – things keep getting in the way. So no timelines – it will be ready when I am, and not before. That’s why the site is going back to more of a personal gaming blog. No more pressure, even if I was the one applying the pressure.

Until next time,

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