New Android: Netrunner Data Pack – The Devil and the Dragon

They just keep pulling me back in

So a quick one today.  As mentioned on the second Blatherings, I probably won’t play Android Netrunner anymore.  A lot of the reasons are outlined in the episode, but it’s not because I don’t like the game itself.

Today on the Fantasy Flight website, there is an article on the new data pack.

Summary of me reading through the article:

Yep, Weyland finally getting boosted.  Hope they are meaningful.  New Criminal Runner.  Yep blah blah.  Wait… What?!?!

This is the card that stopped me:

Android Netrunner ID 419

Within a minute, I had half a deck forming in my mind.  Possibilities swimming through my head of different ways I could make a corporation player sweat.

If you don’t play Netrunner, this probably won’t make much sense to you.  Netrunner is a game of bluffing and timing, and this runner identity puts pressure on your opponent that can change both.

If the corporation has to effectively show you the first card they put down each turn, that’s a lot of guesswork removed for the runner.  If the corporation wants to keep the secret so to speak, they have to spend money, which could mean they can’t afford other tricks later.

This can still be double bluffed and all sorts of tricks played by both sides, but this is the game of Netrunner I love.  The What If game.  The possibilities are endless if you play Netrunner the way the community considers casually – you never really know what’s in the deck, but you can maybe see your opponents plans.

For competitive players that use very specific combinations over and over for maximum efficiency, this can be a real threat, as your workings can be exposed or your economy suffers.  Which is the lesser threat?  As the corporation player, thinking their opponent probably already know what cards are in play, confirming the strategy of the deck lets them defend better against it.

The lesser of two evils the card game.  I wish you could see my smile.

For the Netrunner players out there, two other cards caught my interest.  NBN has finally pulled out the EULA, and a new program for Apex caused an eyebrow raise.

Endless EULA is a very mean card that will cost the Runner a lot of money to get through no matter what.  But the flavour text just makes me smile.  Be honest, who does read those agreements anyway!

Consume is a novel way of making money, especially if there is a way to protect it from another card called Apocalypse that trashes all corporation cards while turning over all runner cards.

And this is what I love about Netrunner – possibilities.  Theme.  Stories can be plaid out during matches, much more so than almost any other CCG/LCG I have played.

Pity I won’t be buying this one either.  But the game still looks like a lot of fun.

Until next time,

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