My Little Scythe is real! And why are there so many games coming out?

My Little Scythe is so cute it’s almost terrifying

Last year, the Print and Play game that came out of left field was definitely My Little Scythe.  Designed by Hoby Chou and his daughter Vienna, My Little Scythe borrows some of Scythes mechanics and takes you on an adventure in the world of My Little Pony.

It sounds like an unlikely alliance I know, but the response was off the charts.  It even won the 2017 Golden Geek award for best Print and Play game!

Here is definitely one of the most kid-friendly how to play videos ever:

Learn to play My Little Scythe (original homemade PnP)

I always meant to get around to downloading it and having a good look at the game at some point.  Unfortunately, my chance to download this PnP award winner has passed.

But for the best reason!  Stonemaier games, publishers of Scythe, have announced that they are publishing My Little Scythe as a ‘proper’ game!

There have been some obvious changes, mainly because My Little Pony is a licensed product.  But the core of the game seems to be intact, and I can honestly say I am looking at adding this to my ‘Games with kids’ portion of my collection.

My Little Scythe is 'REAL'!

Changing the setting from Equestria to the Kingdom of Pomm, the core Pony mechanics of friendship are definitely intact.  In fact, looking through the original Print and Play video tutorial and the new rulebook, you can see that the change of the My Little Pony characters really is the primary change!

My Little Scythe plays 1-6 players, and while it says from 8+ early reviews say that six-year-olds with adult assistance for reading cards had a great time.

If you wish you could get your younger kids into playing your board games, this looks like a great first step!

Enjoy the teaser video below, then check out the official Stonemaier games page here.  And as usual, the Board Game Geek page here.

So many games, so little time!

My gaming backlog is huge, and this years release schedule promises zero catch up time.

Today marks Donkey Kongs’ big day for the Nintendo Switch.  Yep, It’s time for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze!

I essentially skipped the Nintendo generation, with the exception of the original Game Boy and playing some Game Cube games with my nephew.  But I do remember everyone saying how fun Donkey Kong Country was, so I am really tempted to pick this up tonight and give it a go!

He's Back!

Even though I am an older man who’s twitch reflexes are starting to fail, there is a new ‘Funky’ mode that makes the game a lot easier with more health and I believe protection from certain environmental hazards.

I want to play this and see for myself.  But you know what else I want to play on the Switch?  Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  And they are only the ‘big’ games on the wishlist.

What do you think, should I give it a try?

A couple of weeks ago I put up a Facebook post that Battletech had finally unlocked, and I couldn’t wait to play it.  Sadly, I still haven’t, but there is a long weekend coming up so maybe…

But then another fly appeared in my ointment.  As a backer of Pheonix Point, my first early access release version is available, and I REALLY want to five that a try!

Pheonix Point is the latest game from original X-COM creator Julian Gollop, and it looks simply AMAZING.  See for yourself:

You can pre-order on the Pheonix Point site still and get access to the backer builds yourself with the Digital Edition and up.

And on that note, the weekend is almost here!  See you tomorrow with the newest Board Game Review!

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