My break is going well, but then I look at what is ahead!

The break has been going well. Then I thought about the future!

A couple of weeks into my break, and I am finally starting to wind down. My day job has been going steadily, but I don’t feel guilty when not playing anything or working on the site. It’s been nice.

It’s not like I haven’t played anything. I am currently trying to work out where the fifth key fragment is in Skyward Sword. Yes, I can just look it up, but I enjoy making my way through the game at my own pace. I have already made it past the one-hour mark that has held me back from getting into Breath of the Wild. Bring on the oldies!

We even finished our Clank! Legacy campaign! No new pics as even the score chart can reveal some spoilers, but it was a heap of fun. And rested John got a much higher score – bonus!

I am sure I should know who this is. Curse not playing Zelda for so long!

And then the site started breaking. The newest updates have caused some fun times, but everything is as back as it can be. Just don’t look at articles too far back – that formatting has gone bananas at times!

I have known that another back-end update is needed for a while. Like so many things, I haven’t had the time. Can you believe in the 4 years has been going, it has gone through three significant updates?

Think of these updates like moving house – many odd bits and pieces are hanging around that need sorting! So, over the next few months, that’s what I am going to do.

It's going to be an interesting time from a technical perspective

The only thing I can say for sure is that the site will be completely rewritten. I don’t know what content I will be bringing across or in what timeframe.

The catch is I need to essentially rewrite every article on the site. That’s 706 articles to date, and every new piece will have to be done twice. That’s a lot of work! That said, Last Week’s Gaming would be good to keep, but a lot of the reviews I wouldn’t mind redoing.

Lots To Do After My Break
Nothing but work to do... And Gaming!

And that’s just the content – I don’t know what technology I will use to create the new site. WordPress has served me well, but I am spending double on down the line for tech troubles every hour I have saved.

Then there is the theme of the site. I don’t mean visuals (although I will be looking at them again), but what content do I want to stick with? So many decisions!

Expect to see some questions coming up over the next couple of months, so think about anything you want to see kept or things you want to see more regularly. Your input will help!

Until next time,

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