More Monikers! And a Big Box!

So instead of 3-4 little boxes, I can carry 1 huge Monikers box!

Monikers is a game that really doesn’t like to be explained.  Based on the game Celebrities, you try and get your team to say the word on your card.  Simple, yes?

Well, you play Monikers over three rounds, and each round the rules change.  In the first round, you can say anything but the keyword on the card.  Then, you can only say one word.  Finally, it’s charades.

And that’s it!  That’s the game!  Still don’t get it?  I was going to explain the rules with card examples, but this is where I tend to lose people.  So instead, I am going to point you to the free print and play version and show the guys from Polygon playing a game of Monikers themselves!

Let's Play MONIKERS! | Overboard, Episode 5

One advantage to Monikers for me over most of these types of party games is simply the explanation of the keyword or phrase on every card.

It sounds so simple, but the amount of ‘Celebrities’ my friends talk about that I have no idea about (and vice versa) is frustrating.  This way, there is no pulling someone that now can’t play while they explain who the person is, or redrawing until I find someone I know/want to do – it’s all there for you.

"Say my name! No, really, we need the points, say my name!"

Now, you can just play Monikers in first round mode, and see which team can get the higher score.  I have played this way a few times, and it works.

But this round being the seed for later rounds is great.  Monikers for me starts on the second round, where you can only say one word.  And the ‘fourth round‘ rules are all hilarious 🙂

Monikers is a game you can tailor to almost any situation, and works fine with drop in and drop out play.  This makes Monikers an automatic pack for any party game night I may be going to.

But now on Kickstarter, the newest expansion is coming!  440 new words, and a box to put everything in.  The original box was great for transporting because it was the exact size it needed to be for the cards, but with the expansions, transport is getting trickier.

If you haven’t played Monikers before, give it a whirl with the print and play above.  The expansions, especially the fourth round expansions for the more adventurous players, add longevity to the game as it takes longer to recycle cards, but none of these are required.

If you want to get Monikers from scratch, the $50 tier of the base game + More Monikers would be the go, or even grab the base game from Amazon and order expansions as a part of the Kickstarter.

The huge number of tiers is purely for the number of choices available – you really can’t make a wrong choice at any tier.

Check out the Kickstarter page here, and the Board Game Geek page for the original game here.

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