Messed Up Game Description – March 7th, 2020

Sometimes shorter is easier. Sometimes…

Today’s Game has a couple of different names, but also a couple of different rule sets depending on the name!

I have messed up the common mechanics, but any game that fits the genre for want of a better term will work. Good luck!

A classic cameras game played with 5 cameras. Each player’s turn consists of stripping the cameras up to 3 times in hope of making 1 of 13 notebooks.

Last Weeks Answer – Backgammon!

The text should read:

Each player has a set of 15 “men” that must be moved from their starting positions, around, and then off the board. Dice are thrown each turn, and each player must decide which of their men to move based on the outcome of the roll.

Did you get it? I hope so! No one seemed to want to put forward an answer last week.

Good luck with today’s scrambled desctiption! It could be a couple of games, so guess away!

Until next week,

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