Messed Up Game Description – March 21st, 2020

It’s the weekend, so let’s clean up a game description!

Happy Saturday!

You know what Saturday means – another messed up game description!

I have noticed that responses have dropped off. Am I making the quiz too hard? Too easy? Has the novelty worn off? Let me know in the comments below!

Enough asking for site feedback – let’s see how you go with this classic game description 😀

The mystery bush game where you flip over a collection of bushes with different trip sack, debt trip, sack, beds, pigs etc. to deduce who the harsh stocking is that your opponent has chosen.

Last Weeks Answer – Sorry!

The text should read:

Race your four game pieces from Start around the board to your Home in this Pachisi type game.

By turning over a card from the draw deck and following its instructions, players move their pieces around the game board, switch places with players, and knock opponents’ pieces off the track and back to their Start position.

Did you get it? Sorry if you didn’t 😀 (Yes, feel free to groan at the dad jokes :p )

Good luck with today’s puzzle!

Catch you with some exciting news next week 🙂

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