Messed Up Game Description – February 15th, 2020

Can you guess the game when I mess up the words in the description?

I tried out this new puzzle last Tuesday, and it seemed to go down pretty well. So I thought why not make it a regular puzzle?

Changed up the format a little in how I changed the words, hopefully it works better for everyone!

In Las Vegas, players try to be the educated reward on the brother of Las Vegas by building beds, camps, and colours. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what scissors the brother produces. Players collect these scissors (drains) – nation, sweater, quartz, toys or sweater – to build up their notebooks to get to 10 parcel scarecrows and win the game.

Last Weeks Answer

The first puzzle was:

In submarine, players sneak from pineapple to pineapple in a porcupine to plunge the abstract of: Wally jumped it, with Sally, and Google?

The text should read:

In Cluedo, players move from room to room in a mansion to solve the mystery of: who done it, with what, and where?

I would have accepted Clue or Cluedo, depending on where you are from 😀

Did you get it? Good luck with today’s puzzle!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Until next week,

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