Lost in Straya Survival Card Game on Kickstarter

I used to tease Americans that we had kangaroos instead of buses. And yes, the internet was a thing.

Sometimes, you just want a game you can pull out and play with friends to pass some time. They exist, but new additions are always welcome.

Yesterday on Kickstarter, a new campaign caught my eye called ‘Lost in Straya’. Given that the designer Sam Milham is from Victoria, I will forgive the slang name.

The basic premise is simple. You and up to 5 other players are stuck in the Australian outback, and you need to collect 3 ‘reception’ cards to make a rescue call.

The gameplay is straightforward – take two cards from any of the three decks, and craft items to help you deal with the wildlife.

Yes, this is ordinary life in Australia. :p

Wait, that’s it? It doesn’t sound that exciting.

Yep, that’s it. Sort 3 decks of cards, shuffle in some reception cards, and you are basically ready to go.

While I can’t imagine entire game nights revolving around Lost in Straya, it looks to be a fun travel and filler game of during heavier gaming sessions.

Then there is the art. It’s simple, funny, and you can see at a glance what is happening. If PAX Aus was happening this year, it is the sort of game you could pull out while lining up in a queue and play with strangers.

Lost in Straya is a shorter game at 20 minutes, and the game looks simple to learn and teach.

Draw two cards, craft items, deal with creatures. All other catches are printed on the card. Perfect for jumping into a quick game at any time.

Did I mention the price?

Retail, Lost in Straya has a retail price of AUD$25. If you checked out the Kickstarter from my Facebook post yesterday, you could nab a copy for AUD$16. Even if you didn’t get a chance at the early bird, a pledge is AUD$19, and you can get them cheaper if you buy multiple copies.

Add on top of that AUD$7 shipping, and you have an inexpensive take anywhere game. Sounds like a deal to me!

Are you backing it?

I most certainly am. I don’t think Lost in Straya will be a must play inclusion every game night. But it will be a solid option right up there with the likes of Love Letter.

My biggest regret is probably the solo mode. It has you playing against a ‘virtual’ player, and I have never been a fan of these kinds of solo modes. But as I am looking at Lost in Straya as a quick ‘get to know you’ portable game, I didn’t think this is a huge disadvantage.

The great thing about simple games is there isn't much to them. Hard to show it off though.

So check out the Kickstarter page for more information, including the rules.

Until next time,

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