Last Week’s Gaming October 15th 2018

The Bones are in the Chest Atop the Castle’s Highest Tower

Another week, another few games played! Very quite video game wise this week, prepping for PAX Aus is taking a lot of my time at the moment.

But some games will always make it in, and this week three out of four of the games were all new ones!

Tower of Madness

An honourable mention in this year’s most anticipated games list, Tower of Madness is now finally in my hands!

Alpal opened it for me, and there are a few component issues to me out of the gate.  The dice were covered in something that required rubbing alcohol to stop them sticking, and the tower doesn’t quite fit.

But there is potential.  Two games in and we enjoyed the game – everyone wanted to play again.  A few more games and a formal review will be coming, but at the moment play someone else’s copy if you get the chance.

Tower of Madness 20181015
It arrived, and the marbles hit the base with a satisfying 'Thunk'!

Dragon Castle

During games night we got two new players into Dragon Castle.

There was a lot of confusion at the start, but everyone was up to speed quickly as I knew they would be.

Dragon Castle was intended as a night ender, and it worked well.  We all enjoyed the game even with teaching for half of the table, and the final scores were almost all within one point of each other!

Now I just need to play some 2 and 3 player games for the review…

Dragon Castle is aa game I am very much warming up to.

Dagon’s Bones

Dagon’s Bones was a fun looking game I Kickstarted a few months ago.  I was surprised by how quickly it arrived!

A simple and quick push your luck dice game, Dagon’s Bones is small and easy to carry around.  Simply three dice and a bunch of coins that come in a small cylinder.

The idea is to double the number of coins you have, by either taking from the pot or other players.  There can be player elimination, but if the pot wins (it’s possible!) then Cthulhu rises and destroys everyone.

Dagon’s Bones is more fun than it deserves to be, and I look forward to more games soon.

Dagon's Bones - 3 dice and some coins. There really isn't much action to show, but it's an interesting premise

Dead Man’s Chest

Another quick game, and a surprisingly fun game.  Dead Man’s Chest is a quick and simple bluffing game similar to Liar’s Dice.

The game consists of a pile of rubies, two dice, and a ‘chest’ about the size of two packs of matches stacked.

A player shakes the dice in the chest, and bids on the amount shown on the die.  There are some funny rules to the values, but it’s easy to get into and a great way to pass some time with friends.

Another game with nothing much happening on the table, Dead Man's Chest is surprisingly tense
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