Last Week’s Gaming – March 9th, 2020

A week of weird milestones

Another game light week, and a lot of sleep required to get through it. But a lot of fun was still had, and that’s the main thing, right?

Enough of what I have had to do – on to what I have been playing!

Another Alpal Kickstarter, Kung Fu Panda surprised me in a lot of different ways.

The minis all come with a light wash on them. Not enough to say they are painted, but plenty to show off the amazing detail on all of the pieces. When I looked at the Kickstarter, I thought it would be a simplified Zombicide type of game.

I was kind of right, but wrong in all the best ways. Playing simultaneously, you progress through varioius missions and fight your way through hordes of enemies. It only took about 20-25 minutes to power through two missions, and was a blast to play.

When my games nights start soon, I hope to convince Alpal to bring this along and have a solid run through many missions.

Kung Fu Panda
Heaps of enemies, but incredibly fast and fun gameplay!

Alpal got a copy of this recently, and we had a great time. Dragon Market is a strange game to describe. Basically you have to collect three orders of different items. Sounds simple.

The catch is that the items are all on floating boats, and you need to move the boats in such a way to let you collect what you need.

The rules are very simple, and then you need to solve a shifting puzzle as you play. Dragon Market is engaging enough to keep you satisified gameplay wise, while not taking a long time to learn.

I hope to have a few more rounds of this so I can do a proper review soon.

It's hard to quickly sum up Dragon Market, but if you like puzzles, this is a great game

Time to jump back into an old favourite. Alpal had even gotten an expansion that allows more options (for a cost) during your play.

And I got my butt handed to me again 🙂 I am just too kind with monster placement on Alpal’s map. I keep putting them against the sides, blocking penalties to her score.

Ah well, one day I will learn 🙂

One day I will grab a copy of Cartographers for my library and enjoy a few solo rounds, similar to One Deck Dungeon. But until then, the occasional thrashing from Alpal is always worth looking forwared to.

Played on the mat with the new expansion cards. So pretty!

Halo – Xbox

Finally got around to finishing this classic. Oh man, that last level drove me nuts!

The latest update came through this week, also allowing me to play the first Halo on PC! They did seem to fix my main complaint of the music being louder than the action, but that may be just the last level anyway.

Overall I enjoyed this bit of catch up to a past classic, but I have no real urge to play through it again. Not even for some achievements. I played it, and I am happy I did.

What else do I have to say about Halo? Well you will have to wait until Friday and my review 🙂

That's another game finished!

Halo 2 – Xbox

So I am not very far into the second chapter of the Halo series. Well, third if you consider Reach the first game, but I am playing them in release order.

I will tell you something though – the cutscenes in the Anniversery edition are amazing! Rabbit walked in and thought I was watching a movie!

The first update from Halo I am really enjoying is dual wielding weapons. A covenant weapon in one hand, SMG in the other, ripping through elites is awesome!

It might be a couple of weeks before I jump back into Halo 2. I am thinking of starting a bigger RPG again, and using Halo as a regular palette cleanse seems appropriate. Expect to hear more in spurts.

The cut scenes in the Master Chief Collection are amazing. But dual wielding wins!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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