Last Week’s Gaming – March 30th, 2020

Finally, back to a Board Game heavy week!

It’s been a week. Last week was my second week of working from home, with more to come. Getting into a rhythm with has been a challenge, but Rabbit and I are up for the challenge!

This week has also seen the debut of a new format for the site – videos! At the moment, I am restricting this to some Talking Tech and digital game content. It’s still new to me, and I have some more kinks to work out. Let me know what you think about it!

But enough site stuff, onto what I got to play this week!

I finally got Marvel Champions to the table, and Alpal and I had a lot of fun playing it. I have played the Arkham Horror LCG, and Alpal has played the Lord of the Rings version. While fun, I have mixed feelings about Marvel Champions.

If you have played any trading/living card games before, the basics of Marvel Champions are easy to pick up. Engine building with the starter packs made sense, and we had a lot of fun.

But then it ended. There was no build-up, the game just ended. I knew we were getting close, and I had a couple of lucky card draws. We won, which was great, but I completely invalidated everything Alpal was planning while winning the game.

I will see if Rabbit wants to play and see if the same thing happens. But now that I finally have broken out Marvel Champions, I can’t wait to get into it for a formal review.

Marvel Champions
Near the start of the game. Not much was happening, and we got to keep Rhino's plans under control 🙂

Another Alpal surprise game, Rabbit Rally is another HABA gem that flew right below my radar.

If you don’t know about HABA games, they are simple games mainly targeted at younger players. Just because it’s aimed at kids rarely limits my enjoyment of these games though.

The idea of Rabbit Rally is simple. You play as a rabbit, and you want to reach an island first to get the legendary ‘golden carrot’ you can see growing there.

The catch? There is a stretch of water between you and the island. Each turn, you roll a die which shows a different coloured plank. Each plank is a different length, and you have to place a stone where you think the plank can reach. If the plank reaches, you progress! If you fall short, you miss a turn. 🙁

Silly and fun, Rabbit Rally was a great palate cleanser after the longer Marvel Champions. If you play with younger players, keep an eye out for Rabbit Rally, and let me know if you would like a more in-depth review.

Simple components, straightforward play. If you want to have some silly fun, play with physical obstacles like putting cups in the way!

The last special from Alpal was Walking in Burano. When I saw the EmpororS4 badge, I was excited to give it a try.

The premise is straightforward – build a section of housing in line with the standards of Burano, Venice. Known for its colourful housing, this means you need to create a row of five houses of the same colour, but not having the same colour in two homes in a row.

Now, being colourblind, I appreciated the symbols on the houses that allowed me to tell the colours apart quickly. What I had trouble with was differences in the art like the pot plants and flowers.

I had to concentrate on tiny graphics on cards about a quarter of the size of a standard poker-sized card. The card sizes chosen for Walking in Burano help keep the size of your play area down, but the tiny details are used in end game bonus scoring.

Walking in Burano is a fun collection game, but if you have trouble with colours or focusing on tiny details, might give you some trouble.

I finished my little area 🙂 But I could have made better scoring choices with larger cards

Tokaido – Physical, Steam, Google Play, Apple Store

I have spoken about Tokaido a couple of times in the past, and last week I even did my first review cross gameplay video!

Everything I spoke about in my review, I would say again now. A great relaxing game that still has strategic elements, if you use Android jump in for free on the Google Play store now!

Keep in mind Namiji is coming to shelves later this year, which uses the same basic mechanics as Tokaido, but takes you on a very different journey.

Tokaido is beautiful both in the physical and digital form

Control – PS4

The story is insane and twists and turns with the paranormal backstory. I have really enjoyed playing Control, and I can’t wait to talk about it more in my review at the end of the week!

My fourth finished video game for the year! Now I am toying with completing it for the Platinum. I probably will, Control is fantastic. I am also deciding if I should try finishing the new Foundation DLC before Resident Evil 3 comes out April 3.

The game takes a strange turn near the end of the story, turning you into a new office worker

Doom Eternal – Steam

But what do I think about Doom Eternal? Well, this was my first video experiment! Check out my first impressions here for more details.

When Doom 2016 came out, I instantly fell in love. While it was different from ‘my’ Doom back in the day, that quick and satisfying arcade-style gameplay was still very much intact.

Rip and Tear. What else can I say about Doom Eternal?

Check out my first recording experiment and see Doom Eternal in all it's glory

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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