Last Week’s Gaming – June 24th, 2019

I saw the Quacks about Blitz Ball

This time of year takes its toll on me in a number of ways, and as usual, gaming is the first casualty.

I was lucky this weekend in that I got to basically flomp on the couch and just stop. I haven’t been able to do that during an end of financial year for a long, long time. I didn’t get much tabletop in, but I played the hell out of Final Fantasy X on the Switch!

I got to play this finally with Rabbit during the week, and it was a lot of fun as usual. The high luck factor meant rules and thinking were low, but it was still an enjoyable time overall.

That said, I think I am about ready to sit and start on the more advanced potion sets. This is where Quacks really shines – many games say they can be moulded into the game you want to play, but not many can pull it off properly.

I think Quacks can, but only time will tell. I need to wait a couple of weeks, but I will find out soon!

Finally got to play a couple of rounds with Rabbit. I think I am getting ready for the 'advanced' versions

Final Fantasy X

So I basically spent the weekend playing Final Fantasy X, which was great in many ways. Saturday I tried for about an hour to win the first game of Blitz Ball. I failed, and then spent most of the afternoon just playing Blitz. Tournaments were won, and I was ahead in the league. Probably about 5 hours spent in blissful zen.

Then on Sunday, I woke up very early and thought I would try the first match again. Thank you save slots. And after the pummeling I got Saturday, wouldn’t you know it first try and I win the Luca tournament!

Why spend so much time winning the cup? I ask why not 🙂

Game-wise, what does this give me? A strength sphere, a prop change and a couple of set dialogue changes. But did it feel good? You bet it did!

So then I continued off this save, completely overwriting all the Blitz progress I had made Saturday. I am now much further into the story as I have made it past that first save sphere, and I hope I can play some more during the week.

But this is one of the things I love about Final Fantasy X and Blitz Ball – Blitz is fairly optional, and even if you ‘have’ to do it for some of the benefits, you don’t have to do much in it.

Want to just relax the day away with your brain in neutral though? Go for it 😀

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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