Last Week’s Gaming – July 8th, 2019

Deep Space Bathtubs doesn’t sound right…

Slowly, I am getting back into the gaming frame of mind. The house is almost ready, and the new game parcels are stacking nicely.

I only really got in a couple of good gaming sessions, but as always they were fun!

First gaming session after end of financial year, and my brain having trouble with little things like ‘rules’ and ‘strategies’.

Luckily, Alpal had a new game to show me that was very light and fit the bill perfectly – Celestia.

An updated version of Cloud 9, players take turns captaining a flying bathtub (yes, that’s right) trying to reach the farthest lands to claim the best treasure.

Gameplay is simple – the captain rolls the dice, and the other players must decide if the captain has the cards shown on the roll. If they don’t think it can be done, they jump off and grab that treasure. But if they stay on, they can get more points…

A simple push your luck game with an adorable theme and did I mention a flying bathtub? I will have to play a few more rounds of Celestia to get a formal review ready.

Put your meeples in the bathtub, and fly the skies of Celestia. The prop even spins!

I have been trying to play this one for ages, and I finally got a copy of the full game!

Deep Space D-6 is a solo dice placement game where you try and survive a trap in hostile territory.

The idea is simple – pick a ship, shuffle the threat deck and then roll your worker dice. Assign the workers to fix the ship or handle threats, then draw a new threat and see what is activated.

The game really is that simple. But that simplicity is what helps keep you hooked into a deceptively harsh worker placement game. That feeling of building tension to try and survive makes Deep Space D-6 a great solo experience!

Now I need to try and find Deep Space D-6: Armada to play with up to 4 people…

I am in so much trouble here. I managed to hang in until the Solar Winds killed me 🙁

Beat Saber

Not as much as I would have liked (or should), but I got some Beat Saber in. But not just Beat Saber – Beat Saber back on the PC with the wireless Vive adaptor.

The first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable PSVR is to just wear. The second was how nice it was to not have to worry about tripping on cables 🙂

I had to play the tutorial again, as this is the first time I played on PC since Beat Saber went to version 1. Played the tutorial (because why not), put the sabers in the circles, hit the right block. Missed the left block.

Yep, it's a headset. Any clues to upcoming games in the background?

Now, this wasn’t the gears fault – I completely misjudged my off-hand cutting distance. Looking at my left-handed cuts that swing right to left (the most common cut I miss now), I am missing the block. Barely, but I am missing it.

Jump back onto the PSVR, put on $100 Bills (yes, I am playing an easy song and missing!) and the same movement glides through the block – just, but it cuts. It looks like the PSVR is a little more forgiving – probably due to the more inaccurate tracking.

Either way, it looks like I not only have to get back into shape but also re-learn how to play with my off hand!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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