Last Week’s Gaming – July 1st, 2019

End of Financial Year Specials are sleep, rest and relaxation. Please?

That’s it. My biggest work time is done for another year, which means I can get back into some proper gaming!

While I haven’t gotten much actual gameplay in last week, preparations are coming along nicely to ensure some great sessions are coming along in the future 😀

Final Fantasy X (Well, Blitz Ball really)

As I said last week, Blitz is far from a complicated game – but it is a fun one. This week I had time to sneak in a couple of games, and my the Aurochs are shaping up very nicely!

Maybe I should keep playing the main game a bit more and start scouting some better players though. That is a feature of the game after all!

Also wondering if I should try this on the PS4/Vita. I have Final Fantasy X on both, and a platinum run doesn’t sound terrible, just time consuming… Food for thought at least!

I didn't have much down time this week, but a couple of games of Blitz sure helped!

Beat Saber

The love I have for Beat Saber is ridiculous. If I didn’t already have a Vive and PSVR, I would seriously think about Oculus Quest just to play Beat Saber anywhere.

Honestly, that still isn’t completely off the books either…

But one thing is for certain – I haven’t played for months, and it showed. The new setup is taking a bit of getting used to sure, but the old body just isn’t quite in time with what I need it to do.

I am not 100% sure, but the tracking seems to go off in the menu screens now? I will play it a few more times this week and report if it was just the setup or something seems a bit off.

I am incredibly rusty. Back to some lower levels to get back into the rhythm!

Some Gaming Prep

So I haven’t had a heap of time to play games this week, but Sunday night I did get out some games to prep for playing this week.

Welcome to Dino World is getting the laminate treatment. For Roll and Write games, while I can make more sheets having reusables makes me feel better for some reason.

Four Against Darkness was the other Print n Play to be Laminated (not photographed), but I haven’t played that since last year.  Maybe I can teach Rabbit this week. Ooh and maybe some Roll Player, it’s been way too long as well!

Speaking of Rabbit and things being prepared…

Do you have to do this sort of thing? Nope. But I do find it very relaxing 🙂

Gearing up for regular games again

Settling in with Rabbit has been amazing the last few weeks, and while there are still things we want to finish off / finish sorting out, the house is pretty close to how we want it.

One area that is coming together nicely is the back balcony, set up for catching up and gaming! My photo doesn’t do the area justice, but especially as the weather starts warming up expect to see more photos from here!

I took a bad photo. You can't see the vines and lights in this shot 🙁

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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