Last Week’s Gaming – January 28th, 2019

Welcome to Dragonvault!

It was a very quiet run for gaming this week.  Between work and getting other things ready, I didn’t get much gaming in.  There wasn’t even my normal games night this week!

The long weekend will help fix that though 🙂

Welcome To

A few rounds of Welcome To helped passed a bit of time 🙂

I know there is a way I can beat my best score of 101 – both Alpal and Rabbit have done it!  But I keep persevering – I will do it!

That is a big part of the reason I love Welcome To so much – even though the core of the game always remains the same, no two games are exactly alike.  And the challenge is so nicely weighted even with the luck factor of the deck it’s always great to give another go.

My first solo run through this week - and wow. That score hurt!


Part of The Legends of Dsyx series and available at, Dragonvault is a simple one page Roll and Write adventure.

Similar in theme to games like Boss Monster and Dungeon Master, you play a dragon guarding their hoard from the annoying heroes.

Roll three dice, and decide to lay a trap or work towards upgrading more areas and magical traps.

Dragonvault wasn’t anything to set the world on fire, but it was a bit of fun and worth a look – especially for USD$3 and a single page printout!

Not a bad first game! I don't know what I was expecting, but a bit of fun.

Super Mario Odyssey

Not too much progress this week.  I finished the Sand Kingdom last week, and now I have finished the Snow Kingdom.

The bounce race was interesting, but playing it late at night before sleep I feel I could be getting better times.

Honestly, the Snow Kingdom has been my biggest let down for areas to date.  I am hoping the rest of the areas pick back up but it might be a week or two before I come back to Mario, between the next entry and Kingdom Hearts 3…

I finished this area last week, but the snow isn't really as fun to show off!

Resident Evil 2

So I finally got to start playing the full proper Resident Evil 2!  Just like my experiences with the 1 shot demo, so far everything I wanted in the remake has come true.

I have heard a lot of comments already about the darkness in the game.  Yes, it’s dark and you have a lot of trouble seeing in front of you.  But I am actually appreciating this more and more – it means I have to explore slowly and carefully.  This is how I had to play the original, trying to explore without triggering camera changes and the like!

If you are on the fence, play the demo – it’s available for a little while longer, and will help you make your decision one way or the other.

Had to go through a bit more to get here this time. No uniform yet either. Leon is slacking :p

What about you?  I hope you got more gaming in than I did!

Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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