Last Week’s Gaming – February 4th, 2019

A Tale of Lemonade and Blackmail

Board games this week took a hit playtime wise, thanks largely to two Video Game releases at the end of January.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been taking a lot of my playtime, and I am loving every second of it!  But I am jumping ahead – let’s talk about what I played last week!

That’s Not Lemonade

Waiting for some people to arrive on games night, That’s Not Lemonade was a great bit of filler to begin the night with.

As I said in the review, it’s a light bit of fun that let us pass a bit of time.  No lengthy rules explanation and even the player that was fighting the pizza menu on his phone could join in with minimal downtime.

After a couple of rounds and confirmation that the fourth player would be longer than originally guessed, we moved to a slightly meatier time killer.

Taught and the first game played in less time than it takes to order 3 pizzas with a vegan option - on a mobile!

Archer Once You Go Blackmail

Love Letter is a great game, and as said previously the Archer version is still the hardest for me to categorise.

It still has the base Love Letter rules but changes the burn card to becoming part of the game, similar to Lost Legacy.  This changes the game just enough that I don’t call it pure Love Letter anymore, but not enough to change it to the big box premium versions.

That aside, the game did what it always does – the three of us had a great time playing until the fourth player arrived.  Another reliable light fun filler that will take about 20-30 minutes to play.

My only issue - first round Archers with calls of 'LAAAANNNNAAAAAAA' :p

Mythos Tales

The third investigation has finally been played!  While I had played the first two games with Harls, this week I decided to make it the main game for games night, introducing two new players for a four-person case.

Overall, it worked well.

The case itself said scoring was harder, but that said we beat the case well with a score of 15.  We didn’t get the ‘Beat Sherlock’ style score for the first time, but all four of us still had a great time.

New rules and a teasing of increasing difficulty through the cases makes me look forward to the next game

Resident Evil 2

So Monday night, I finished Leon’s campaign (Scenario A – Leon for the veterans).  Under the circumstances, I was pretty happy with my run – a B ranking (apparently saves don’t count anymore for your score so yay!) and I found a few bits and pieces.

I was exploring a bit, but when I found I could massively backtrack I just let it be.  Resident Evil 2 is amazing.  End of story.

I might just restart on Assisted mode (Easy mode) later and try for a Platinum run, because on Tuesday the next game came out…

20190204 Resident Evil 2 Results
Mix between enjoying the new visuals and getting through the story, not bad for a first result I thought

Kingdom Hearts 3

Well, I haven’t hidden how much I have been waiting for this series, and it is everything I was hoping for.

Right now I have 100 per cent on five worlds and am keen to get through the sixth world story.  I could be flying through the story, but backtracing a completed world and searching for treasures and other collectables is a heap of fun.

I will be talking about the game in more detail in a couple of weeks – I don’t want to spoil anything for new players.  If you want to know a little more, you can catch up with the last Blatherings and hear what I think 🙂

So much I want to show, but I don't want any spoilers less than a week in!

What about you?  I hope you have had a great week gaming.  Let me know! Feel free to comment below, or shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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