Last Week’s Gaming – December 3rd, 2018

Tales of Scarabya Downforce of the Island – but no Yoshi!

Another busy week, but I managed to once again get in more game time than I originally thought!

It’s fun on a Monday morning to look at my BGG Stats app and see what I played.  Once in a while I even win 🙂

Mythos Tales

Second case in on Mythos Tales, and a few things are falling into place so much better.

I still feel Harls and I are in the ‘tutorial’ phase of the game, beginning to add in items found and other conditions to the gameplay.

Compared to my first experiences with Mythos Tales (which I will either Blather on about or do in a review, or both!) this is shaping up to be a really fun time.

Hopefully I can get in another game this week, next week at the worst.

Case 2 sorted, and in style! Remember though, always drink responsibly when pretending to be a detective


Scarabya is an interesting game.  Everyone has the same board layout, and the same Tetris type shapes to fit onto that board.  But you don’t want to fill it, you want to ‘trap’ Scarabs in areas of no more than 4 squares to maximise your score.

Scoring sounds weird, but is very simple – the number of scarabs x number of squares (up to 4) is your score.  So if you have 2 scarabs in a 3×1 row, your score will be 2×3=6.

It’s like a tactile roll and write – everyone has the same chances, it’s purely up to your skill and luck to maximise your score.  I can see myself getting a copy of this in the near future.

Almost a Roll and Write - everyone has the same board, the same pieces, and the same goals. It's only your choices that decides how well you do.

Downforce – Mario Kart Fan Rules

So before you get too excited – this is not an official game.  You need to have Downforce and Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart in order to play it.

But if you have those (or stuff to use instead of Monopoly Gamer), then a quick look on Board Game Geek will show you these rules.

Now I was simultaneously in the wrong frame of mind to play, but that was also the perfect time to play.  You see I have been working to finish stuff for my job by the end of November, and the toll had started to show.  I couldn’t focus on reading the new rules, but I knew Downforce and most of the game was the same.

It's Downforce, but with Mario Kart! And just like Mario Kart, be careful if you are in the lead!

So even though I probably annoyed Harls and Alpal asking the same question multiple times, the core Downforce gameplay was intact and fine.  That’s one of the reasons I love that game – here was a night I proved I could play on autopilot!

Almost all of the rules are clarified well, and the ‘Current Position’ rule we ended up deciding on the same rules having missed it in the text.  Translating Directly is my only question – is it in the same corridor of positions, does around corners count, that kind of thing.

But the game was Downforce brilliance, coupled with Mario Kart’s amusing unfairness – definitely recommend a game if you have the ability!

Treasure Island

Now this was a little surprise when I first heard about it on Shut Up & Sit Down.

Treasure Island is a one vs many hidden movement(ish) game where one player plays Long John Silver, and has buried a treasure on the Island.  The other players are searching the island as Silver is feeding them clues to the treasure, but also biding time to escape from jail and get it back himself.

Straight up, not the greatest rule book and I will say interesting colour choices for the markers.  But the fun of exploring the board and marking your progress and searches is great, and a few more games will bring a review with it.

Cartography will become a skill by the end of this game! My only issue is really how busy the map actually is

Pokemon Let’s Go – Eevee

Octopath Traveler is still sitting to one side, and I will probably be jumping back in this weekend all going well.

This week, the little time I got to put back into Pokemon Let’s Go was well spent.  I have beaten the first gym leader, and am starting to make my way to the next town.

I put Mew in my Pokeball this week, and again with what I consider minimal effort Mew is now sitting on level 25.  The Poke Ball Plus is a great way to ramp up an individual Pokemon, but it’s starting to feel a little pay to win though.  But pay I have, and I now have a Magikarp sitting in my ball 🙂

I know my progress has been slow compared to most, but this is a game I can pick up and put down without guilt. It's so much fun!

I will need to get to Pokemon Park (about 3/4 of the way through the game apparently) before I can try mixing Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go, but I will try when I can.

Bottom line though, Pokemon Let’s Go is a great relaxing adventure that I can see myself finishing relatively soon – OK probably over the holiday break, but for my play times that’s quickly!

Old favourites are up to their usual shenanigans 🙂

What about you?  What have you been playing?  Let me know on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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