Last Week’s Gaming – December 10th, 2018

Welcome to Fireball Island, where there are no Men at Work

I can’t believe there are only 2 more Mondays until Christmas, and the second one is Christmas Eve!  Aaaargh!  So much running around to do, and that’s just for work!

But even with a Games Night down to see Iliza Shlesinger’s Elder Millennial (it’s on Netflix as well if you can’t get to go!), some great games still made it to the table.

Welcome To…

Played it before, and will play it again.  Welcome To is a fun Roll and Write, and in a few more games I will get to writing a full blown review.

A nice thing about games like Welcome To is that while the game is fairly simple in rules, you just get to concentrate on your own suburb during the game.  It doesn’t mean you play on your own though – you still get all the benefits of playing and socialising!

This was my second or third game (I have been slack updating BG Stats) and we were all around the same in terms of the number of games played, but we came out within five points of each other in the end.  Alpal even smashed her personal best score winning this round!

Our naming strategy seemed to follow a theme... Maybe that's why we were all so close? 101,102 and 106 - close game!

Men at Work

How to completely flip Jenga on its head!

Men at Work is the latest game from Pretzel Games, a company with a great mission.  Every game they make has to be playable while holding a Pretzel!

Building a skyscraper with supports, girders and workers with beams and bricks, nothing can go wrong with such expert engineers on the case!

Cause an ‘Accident’ (knock it over) and you lose a safety certificate.  Build it higher than anyone else, and become Worker of the Month!

It was fun, it was ridiculous, and it was everything you want a party dexterity game to be.  Again a review will be coming, but if you see it before the holidays nab a copy if you enjoy building things.

Salesman - "Stable as anything. This building will reach the moon!" Client - "But one of the workers is holding up the" Salesman "THE MOON!"

Fireball Island

It has arrived – Fireball Island.  The game Restoration Games said couldn’t be done, then said “Surprise!”

We only played the ‘base’ game – I went all in on the Kickstarter, and there are expansions to play around with, but later.

For the moment, Fireball Island was everything I expected it to be – essentially a silly Roll and Move game that is just fun to play.

It may be seen as childish, but knocking those marbles around the island and from Vul-Kar is just fun, and the game plays so quickly I can see many groups including families enjoying Fireball Island.

Fireball Island 20181210
See the sights, take happy snaps, and don't forget to explore! Oh, did you get hit by a lava ball? Have a free souvenir!

Pokemon Let’s Go – Eevee

So I had a pretty long week, and Saturday I basically flomped on the couch with my Switch and Pokemon Let’s Go.

I now have three gym badges under my belt, 28 Pokemon in my Pokedex, and the Poke Ball Plus has grown on me.  I still wish the Pro controller would connect to Pokemon Let’s Go, but the Poke Ball Plus has shown me some more moves, plus let me get three Pokemon to Level 30+ without playing – my Magikarp even evolved into Gyarados with 0 game time!

As such, tomorrow’s review will also be a little different – a review on the Poke Ball Plus controller – check it out tomorrow.

$500 Pokemon Dollars for a Magikarp, a couple of days walking around with the Poke Ball Plus and bam - instant Gyarados!

What about you?  What have you been up to?  Have you had time to play, or are you flat out in the Holiday lead up as well?  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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