Last weeks gaming 27/08/2018

Choose your own beasts to score wonder

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am starting a new Monday regular – what I played over the last week!

Sorry, there are a couple of box shots only.  I really need to get into the habit of photographing my games for the site.  Hopefully, I will get better at this quickly!

But enough of that, onto the games 😀

Choose Your Own Adventure – House of Danger

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with Choose your own Adventure: House of Danger, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

We only played through the first chapter of five, so we have made our way into the Marsden House, only dying once from memory.

The component quality is simple.  I am undecided if the slightly aged looking cards are cheap components or a nostalgic throwback.  But the experience was fun, and the three of us are looking forward to completing the story 🙂

This will also make a great solo experience, and one I may make a video on in the coming weeks.

Choose Your Own Adventure House of Danger Box Art
The new form of Choose Your Own Adventure

The Big Score

Semi-cooperative games are games I find great with the right group, and The Big Score didn’t disappoint.

In some ways two games in one, the first Act has you secretly dispatching teams to various heists to try and increase your loot and build your crew.  Everything comes to a head in Act 2 as you push your luck pulling tokens from a bank, where one too many cops turn up can cost you everything.

I did switch the rules up a little bit to tailor to the group in question, pushing more of a cooperative slant on the first act.  But either way this was fun, and I can’t wait to play some more for a formal review soon.

Can you get away with the Big Score?

Beasts of Balance

I backed Beasts of Balance in 2017 for the ‘New Edition and Battles Expansion’.  The premise looked interesting – stack animals and special elements on a plinth that sent data to your tablet, where you can evolve and strengthen your creatures while you play.

Last week, the Battles expansion arrived, and we tried to give it a go.  Unfortunately the YouTube video tutorial wasn’t really able to start (internet problems) so it was a bit of hit and miss mucking about, but still fun making silly stacks.

I did learn (again) to read the Kickstarter properly.  When making the “Everything” pledge, I thought I was getting all creatures.  Nope.  I have 3 other creatures to buy as add-ons.  Always read the fine print guys!

The new arrival that prompted the play - the Kickstarter second wave beasts!

Century: Eastern Wonders

I have been looking forward to Century: Eastern Wonders for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Century: Spice Road (and my preferred Golem Edition) was a simple to play and teach deck builder.  Emerson Matsuuchi has an ability to make some complex mechanics very simple, most of the time.  He has missed sometimes, but doesn’t everyone?

Secondly, you can combine Spice Road and Eastern Wonders into a standalone game – Sand to Sea!

We aren’t in the ‘ready to combine’ stages yet, but it was great getting Eastern Wonders to the table.

Century Eastern Wonders
Century Easter Wonders - Shenanigans in progress 🙂

So that’s what I played in the last week, what about you?  Any new games or Kickstarter deliveries that prompted a big gaming session?

Until next time,

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