Last Week’s Gaming – 20th May, 2019

I finally got some games back in!

Oh, I have been missing games SO much these last few weeks. A visit with Alpal helped to break this drought though! I may have only played ‘little’ or ‘casual’ games, but it just helps to show why these sorts of games are the most played all over the world.

I couldn’t have sat down to Twilight Imperium if you paid me, even Catan would have been a struggle. But Alpal had a couple of quick to setup and teach games that fit the bill perfectly.

Doodle Quest

Games with Alpal was a welcome return this week, and we opened with a game that my tired brain coped with very well.

The premise is simple – everyone has a clear piece of plastic and a dry-erase pen.  In the middle is a challenge, such as draw a circle around all of the divers.

The game and skill comes from having to draw the circles on your sheet, then placing your sheet on the challenge panel to see how well you did.

Is Doodle Quest a game that will have you hooked for hours at a time? Nope.  But it is a fun and quick filler game that I think may be an underrated gem.

Drawing lines or circles might not sound like much of a game, but it's harder than you think!


Roll and Write games are great little diversions that in general tickle a part of my brain that I really enjoy.

Gameplay is normally fairly basic, but the challenge of ‘You could have done better’ is always present in these games.

MetroX has you working to complete routes on the Japanese metro system (either Tokyo or Osaka – both pads are in the box).  No dice rolls, the score values are on cards that you flip similar to Welcome To…

Alpal and I played with slightly the wrong rules, but we had enough fun together that I am thinking of hunting down my own copy of the game.

Similar to Welcome To..., the flip and write format continues to offer great gameplay

Final Fantasy X

A little round of Final Fantasy X during the week was fun.  I only played for about an hour, but I am slowly working my way through the ‘RPG Intro’. Those first few hours of almost every large RPG where you are slowly introduced to the world, rules and mechanics of the game – handy the first time, but makes replays a labour of love!

I am however one port closer to the first Blitzball game.  That will be fun!  I seem to be remembering things in the wrong order though. I haven’t found the blitzball on the ship that teaches you Jecht Shot after a mini game.  I am sure it’s around here somewhere.

The HD remaster on the Switch looks amazing

Tetris 99

This weekend past was another Tetris 99 event after the first paid DLC drop.

Paid DLC?  Yep.  If you want to practice against CPU opponents or play a more traditional endless mode of Tetris, you will need to buy the Big Block DLC – $15 to play offline basically.  Luckily, I won $10 in the last event, so I nabbed it anyway but haven’t really played either mode yet.

Marathon mode I played quickly to make 150 lines, but there is an endless mode.  Hopefully, I can play more this week.  The Bot mode where you can play against 98 computer opponents will be handy if you want to play Tetris 99 offline, and would arguably be more useful.

My first Tetris Experience - Tetris on the original Game Boy!

I did play a half dozen games to get the 100 points in the last event for the Game Boy skin.  Apparently, you will be able to buy the skin if you didn’t participate, but it’s not really necessary.  Nintendo seems to have worked out this whole Freemium thing though – these prices are pretty high for what you get!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,

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