Last Week’s Gaming

Dead Cells on the Deathloop of Hot Wheels beyond New Horizons

Today’s Last Week Gaming is a little short and sweet. The last few entries have been written Thursday nights with the change to Friday. But the change was to have time for the new podcast, so I need to get back into the habit of finishing this Sunday!

So today it looks like I haven’t played much at all, but this is what I played over PAX Australia weekend. Next week will look larger as it will be almost two weeks of gaming!

Getting into habits takes time, so hopefully, this won’t be confusing. Bottom line, let’s jump into the games I played last weekend!

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Played on – PlayStation 5

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a surprising title for me. The vehicles remind me of childhood treats. Every now and then, I would get a Hot Wheels car when we went shopping. I never got into them like I have been enjoying Unleashed, though.

This will probably be the last time I write about Hot Wheels Unleashed – I think I will just play a couple of campaign races a week and see how far I get.

There is still plenty of city to explore

Rabbit has wondered why I keep playing, as I have had more than a few runs ruined by ‘dirty’ A.I. racing.

But imagine finally making your way around a hover tank and jumping from a ramp, only to have the Ninja Turtles ram you off course! K.I.T.T. and the Batmobile form a moving wall, but you finally boost past them. Only for the garbage truck rams you off the track again! 

What other racing games can experience that?

Looking at the tracks there are some amazing designs

Eventually, I will get into the track building aspect of the game. For now, unlocking items completing the campaign is enough for me. Once I get into the track building, I might write more about my Hot Wheels experiences.

But for now, if you are interested in Hot Wheels Unleashed, I would look into the Switch version. The quick race format would suit the handheld format of the Switch nicely.


Played on – PlayStation 5

I have been eyeing off Deathloop since the original PlayStation 5 showcase reel. Dishonored type powers and multiple approaches with a time loop mechanic – sounds fantastic!

And when I did get to play, it was great. Somehow I managed to get multiple game-breaking bugs in my first couple of hours of play. To say this left a sour taste in my mouth is an understatement.

Click on what now? You would think a tutorial would be well tested

When I got into the game, I had a great time. There is a lot to take in with all the powers and options. The pacing of Deathloop means I am not feeling overwhelmed. New aspects are introduced as I think I have a handle on things.

But the bugs. The inventory not appearing meant a reload. The worse ones were the game freezing right up. The first time was when I first died. The second was random during a level.

Stealth opportunities like this are so satisfying

Eventually, I think Deathloop is a game I will really enjoy. But right now, I am going to wait for some more patches. In the meantime, I am more likely to load up Dishonored 2 before relaunching Deathloop.

Dead Cells

Played on – Switch

30 runs in, and I have yet to meet the boss. I have found runes to locate new rooms, paths and other secrets – but I haven’t finished a run yet.

What I have found is some of my favourite combinations. I have unlocked a backpack, which I try and put a shield in. Then, I use a power that means the shield in my backpack activates when I roll (dodge). 

Couple this with fast daggers and a freezing range attack, and I can concentrate on looking for secrets!

I keep making progress I think. At least, I find new areas

I am resisting the urge to look up a guide. While significant elements of each run are randomised, there is a path I need to take that I haven’t worked out yet.

So Dead Cells has shifted from an action game to find the correct path in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Not how I expected the game to play out, but it’s very welcome!

I think know I just need to path. It’s tempting to look it up.

Another game is calling to me. As I mentioned last week, Dead Cells has made me very excited for Metroid Dread. I think this is what is tempting me to look up the path for Dead Cells.

Not sure what I am going to do about this just yet. Maybe I will flick between Metroid Dread and Dead Cells. Both games have points where the best path is to take a break. That might work?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Played on – Switch

It has been a long time since I visited my island in Animal Crossing. Honestly, I felt I was pretty much done with New Horizons. The seasonal activities were done, and not much was happening with the title.

But later tonight (midnight Brisbane time), the new Animal Crossing Direct will hopefully change that. I can’t say for sure it will, but New Horizons has probably the least amount of updates as far as I am aware.

I don’t mean to knock the developers – the state of the world since New Horizons launched has been crazy. So many new players jumped onto Animal Crossing for the same reason development probably got stalled! 

Let’s give this another go

But the relaxing part of building up my island was undeniable. But the idea of going back and rebuilding my neglected island and relationships didn’t sound fun.

So I have done something potentially silly. I have started a brand new island. That’s right – I have begun again entirely from scratch!

How this will work with my Dead Cells/Metroid Dread juggling, I am not sure. But I am looking forward to rebuilding my new island of Game Room!

Not bad second day in, if I do say so myself!

There is no way I will have access to the ‘full’ game unlocked before the Direct. It’s been a great little break getting ready though, which is definitely the main thing!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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