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Mario Golf: Super Rush Extended Thoughts Edition

I need a holiday. A good break away from everything for a while. How do I know? Seven days straight of working. No one loves stints like this! As a consequence, I didn’t get in any gaming last week. Boo!

Board games were too hard – even digital ones. I bought a couple of new games in the Steam Summer Sale, but I still haven’t tried them. Soon, I tell myself. I just need some dedicated downtime.

So guess who is taking some time off from work near the end of the month? One day sleep, one day pottering, two days playing whatever I feel like. I am thinking some Skyward Sword will be on the cards!

But it wasn’t like I didn’t play anything. As I mentioned last week, Mario Golf: Super Rush was the game that hit at just the right time for me. I gave it a pretty good run last week, so today is a more focused look at Mario Golf!

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Played on – Switch

Mario Golf: Super Rush is in a strange place in the Nintendo Catalogue. It’s a party game where you have to play by yourself to unlock multiplayer choices.

The tutorial is a light role-playing game presented in an open world, which sounds fantastic. The downside is that Adventure Mode has one of the most restrictive linear routes I have encountered since Final Fantasy XIII.

Having your Mii automatically available was a nice touch

The trailers and intro show off over the top action in a new golf mode called Battle Mode. I can see this being a lot of fun against friends but against AI is an overly quick time-waster.

My biggest problem with Mario Golf: Super Rush is that it feels like it misses in almost everything it sets out to do. It sounds like I am hating on the game, but it a fun game that I spent a week mucking about with.

The beginning area of Adventure Mode and the first course - Bonny Greens

While you can jump straight into playing multiplayer matches, Mario Golf: Super Rush wants you to spend time in Adventure Mode. This allows you to create your own Mii golfer, and as you progress further in the game, you unlock courses for quick play.

Adventure Mode begins with ‘normal’ arcade-style golf and slowly adds new mechanics such as Speed Golf and Battle Golf. This slow introduction is welcome as you have plenty of time to get used to the controls. But the pacing – the story moves so slowly!

Master Stinger will teach you a new shot after 10 minutes of faffing about

There are a lot of abilities you are shown in Adventure mode, but you seem to use them for one specific challenge, and it’s never mentioned (or needed) again. I think this happening so often is what dragged things out for me.

But about five hours later, you will be done with Adventure Mode. Then you can jump in with the new match types!

The first is Speed Golf. It sounds crazy at first because everyone plays simultaneously, and there is no break until everyone sinks the ball. Instead of scoring against par, you have to finish in the quickest time. Each shot adds 30 seconds to your score, and you have to run to your next shot.

Speed Golf is my favourite 'variant' in Mario Golf: Super Rush

But not only that, you can knock over players and use special shots to mess with other players balls. This makes things sound hectic, but the most you can do in practice is mildly inconvenience opponents. If you concentrate on messing with others, your score suffers.

The final game mode is Battle Golf. The gameplay is similar to Speed Golf, but players have to be the first to claim three holes. This sounds simple – win three holes. But there is a twist.

Pick your patch, and be quick and accurate. Against AI, not as hard as you might think

Everyone is playing on the same nine-hole group, but players can shoot for any spot they like! Once you sink your ball, that hole disappears, forcing opponents to have to change where they want to go. You tee straight back off from where the hole was, making Battle Golf very fast to play.

Sadly, at least against AI, Battle Golf isn’t satisfying to play. Wait for 5 seconds, hit for a different hole to the others, and shoot through quickly. This will see you winning at least 80% of the time.

Last Weeks Gaming - Mario Golf Super Rush - Feature
It's OK Bowser, I still enjoy it!

I am aware of how down I sound on Mario Golf: Super Rush, but I have enjoyed my time with it to date. Playing by myself, I enjoy playing ‘normal’ golf all at the same time, or Speed Golf.

As I have seen a couple of friends online giving it a play, I think a multiplayer round or three with group chat would be fun. But unless you are looking for a relaxing simple golf game, I would stick to Mario Party or Mario Kart for that party game fix.

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

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