Last Week’s Gaming

Meet your Dread of the Dicey Dungeons for New Horizons

It’s been a week of juggling a lot of different things. Gaming time has taken a hit because of split shifts with work. But last week, I managed to finish the groundwork for Animal Crossing. Not only that, I am pretty sure I have found a new quick digital board game!

On another note, website holiday plans are still as outlined. A couple of WordPress changes have been delayed which has thrown my timing, but I now have time to make a new custom theme. Maybe. More about that soon.

Right now, let’s have a look at some games!

Dicey Dungeons

Played on – Nintendo Switch

I have seen Dicey Dungeons come up a lot lately. It has been on my recommended Steam list and on Game Pass. Flicking through the eShop, it was AU$8 on Switch, so I picked it up.

Why spend $8 instead of trying it for free on Game Pass? No idea. But I will say that playing Dicey Dungeons on Switch is pretty good!

As a video game, it’s hard to explain. As a digital board game, it’s much easier. You have a class with special powers and explore a multi-level dungeon. Travel through, beat the boss, win.

Only two enemies! Oh wait, Mimics are a thing here

This is a very simplistic view of Dicey Dungeons, but it tells you everything you need to know. It’s a dice building deck driven dungeon crawler, in a similar vein to One Deck Dungeon.

I got drawn right into the Dicey Dungeons. Skills and Equipment depend on dice rolls, and I can see virtual cards everywhere. But I don’t have to manage anything, other than assigning dice.

Combat is all dice management and manipulation

If this was a tabletop game, I think Alpal would enjoy it. It might be a little too ‘video gamey’ in presentation for her. To me, the simple animation and occasional banter is a nice bonus.

If you have an Xbox and Game Pass, Dicey Dungeons might surprise you. On Steam, it’s currently AU$15 – if you can nab it on sale, it’s a great deal.

For me, keep an eye out for the next Switch sale. You can get Dicey Dungeons on mobile, but that won’t be as smooth. The Switch is the sweet spot for portable dungeon-crawling dice building.

Metroid Dread

Played on – Nintendo Switch

I made some time to get through a bit more of Metroid Dread last week. I made some more progress, which is always a bonus. But I tell you what – I am feeling my age playing through the game!

I made my way around and defeated another EMMI. Beating these mini-bosses aren’t easy, but the experience is doable. After about 3 tries, I beat the EMMI and acquired the Speed Booster.

It then took me almost 10 times to get out of the area using the speed booster. The booster isn’t too bad, but the shine spark dash took me by surprise. I am old, and my hands don’t react the way they used to!

Combat has my old hands using controls in increasingly complex ways

I have met Quiet Robe, and story-wise I know I am making progress. I am at the point of the story where it makes me feel like it’s almost over. The end is in sight and all that. 

I expect to have the rug pulled out from under me soon. This isn’t a Metroid Dread spoiler, but the expected plot twist with this kind of story. It’s kind of a pain when twists are expected, but it’s how these things work.

One thing is for certain – I expect to see a lot more scenes like this before I am done!

Death is common for me in Dread. But not insurmountable.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Played on – Nintendo Switch

Another quick Animal Crossing update. There won’t be a huge amount happening for the next few weeks. I am firmly in island development mode, and that makes for the least exciting stories.

Right now I am in the very slow process of moving around my island buildings. Doing this one a day, it’s going to be a couple of weeks of shuffling things around. Yes, I know I can use the time travel cheat, but I am enjoying the serenity.

I did manage to nab a new item though. At least, I think it’s new – I haven’t looked up availability. I will say that for a company that avoids resolution and RGB, their gaming PC goes all out!

And some people think 2 monitors is overkill!

I did take part in the Saturday Bug Hunt event. The event is simple – catch bugs in a 3-minute window and build up a score. I did this a few times and earned a bronze trophy so yay.  

If I had kept at it, it would have been simple to score enough for a gold prize. Like the fishing event, it’s a matter of grinding points more than pure skill.

I will admit I do enjoy watching Flick and his reaction to the bugs you bring him. Watching someone enjoy what they love is always a great experience.

Yes Flick is a game character, but I would have a coffee with him in the Roost

So for a couple of weeks at least, island organisation is my priority.

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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