Last Week’s Gaming

Escape the Haunted Mansion with a Love Letter of New Horizons

Another week has gone by, and another round of gaming helps see me through. Last Weeks Gaming was a little light on, but I spent a lot of relaxing time with Animal Crossing.

Not too much to talk about otherwise right now. Things are moving, and my busiest period work-wise is rapidly approaching. So let’s get on to the fun stuff – Last Week’s Gaming!

Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion

Board Game Geek Link – Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion

It’s a quick entry for Scooby this week. We finished the mystery and exposed the ghost of Lady Fairmont. I had a lot of fun, even largely sitting out of the game as I had finished it with Alpal.

One thing caught us out though, and that is we got to a dead end. Restarting after the break, the rules point out cards that you need. Well, the group blew past one area and missed a secret envelope that made a puzzle unsolvable.

It wasn’t a case of going back over where we had been. The character required was no longer in the group. This makes life rather difficult and left a bad taste experience-wise.

Miss this, and Chapter 2 is a lot more infuriating

Now the game wasn’t completely at an impasse. The hint system allowed us to go to the correct passage. But the theme was completely smashed, as we were missing a part.

So we lost some Scooby Snacks (points rating) for using hints, which was fair. It would have been fairer to have to get the envelope like missed cards. Because it’s an envelope, the Scooby Snack ‘cost’ could have been higher to even things out?

It could have included the envelope here as well

Other than that, I had fun. I don’t think the whole group enjoyed Escape the Haunted Mansion as much as I do though. Whether that was the puzzle snafu, the escape room vs normal game experience,  I haven’t asked (yet).

Either way, I am looking forward to playing the new Goonies version hopefully soon!

Munchkin: Loot Letter and Batman: Love Letter

Board Game Geek Link – Batman Love Letter (No Munchkin Link)

After Scooby-Doo, we thought we only had 10-15 minutes until the food arrived. So I was looking for a game that I could teach and play within that time. I also had to select a game within the same time chunk. So, Love Letter felt like a safe fallback!

We played a few rounds of Loot Letter, and then switched to Batman. The switch was for two reasons. First, my Munchkin sized sleeves meant cards were sticking. Apart from that, I do enjoy the extra points you can score with Batman naming cards.

Love Letter Batman – My Favourite Version

It wasn’t a bad way to end the night by any means, but that is one of Love Letters strengths. Quick to teach, easy to learn, and can play until you don’t want to anymore.

For more of my thoughts on Love Letter, you can see my review and some of the different editions here.

Animal Crossing – New Horizons

Played on – Nintendo Switch

Very short entry this week. I took a huge hit on turnip sales this week. Nook’s Cranny upgraded when prices would have been high. At least that’s the theory – stock market patterns aren’t exactly set in stone.

I have moved my house to a secluded pit, and hope to upgrade things soon. I have also started filling out the coop market on Harv’s island. As soon as I have some more bells stored, I can start moving island buildings around!

I don’t know how I will end up, but this is my little home area now

I have also enjoyed visiting Brewster in the Roost. My coffee consumption in real life is likely higher than it should be. Now, my Animal Crossing avatar can enjoy a well-crafted cup or six.

So not a lot happened, but I am looking forward to laying out my island over the next few weeks. It all happens one visit at a time after all!

Always appreciate a good cup of coffee

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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