Last Week’s Gaming

Mint Delivery for the Ace Attorney met with Resistance

No Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion last week. A player down coupled with a big week meant downtime. I am taking holidays from work soon, and the extra push to clear the decks before taking a break is in full effect. So, gaming took a little bit of a hit.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to play anything last week. Infiltration mode in Terminator Resistance was terrific. A game finally came off the shelf of shame, and I am closing in on another.

Let’s see what I managed to get up to in last weeks gaming!

Mint Delivery

Board Game Geek Link – Mint Delivery

The Mint series from Five24 labs is a series I have been trying to play for ages. Well, I say, trying to play. It’s been a pure time issue. And with the need for a ‘simple’ game to try, it was with great pleasure I bought down Mint Delivery to play with Rabbit last weekend.

Mint Delivery is a pick-up-and-deliver game. Once you describe the genre, players know what they are in for. Maybe this is why when I was trying to teach Enzo how to play, he refused to pay any attention at all!

Trying to teach the game, and no one pays attention

Mint Delivery has players picking up mints and filling orders. That’s it. In terms of some games we have played, it sounds a bit ordinary. But flash isn’t the main draw of Mint Delivery – it’s the fact that the game comes in a mint tin.

You have a truck that can hold four mints, and you have two actions you can take each turn. You can travel, reach warehouses to get more mints, swap them for orders, and deliver and pick up new orders.

It doesn’t sound like much, but there is just enough depth to keep people interested while teaching the game in about three minutes.

Pick up Mints, Deliver them. A light game, but a lot of fun!

Once you have the basics down, you can add a couple of variations to spice things up. The first is traffic hazards, the other is special powers that you can unlock.

Mint Delivery is a great filler game and makes a perfect choice to take with you for impromptu game sessions. 

Yes, the game is simple, but it’s as simple to teach and play as it is to take anywhere. Mint Delivery really shows what you can do if you concentrate on gameplay and keep the flashiness to a minimum!

While they may look like mints, they are wood. Don’t eat the playing pieces.

Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced Edition

Played on – PlayStation 5

It’s been ages since I have been able to mark off a game as finished, let alone add a Platinum! But Terminator Resistance Enhanced has been ticked off the list.

I spoke about the main gameplay a lot last week and in my review. Today, I want to expand on the Infiltrator mode, where you get to play as a Terminator.

You start this way. Everyone knows you are a Terminator.

Infiltrator mode is a single level, which doesn’t sound like a huge challenge. You are ‘warned’ that you only have one life and cannot save your progress in this mode when you start. This seemed like a way to artificially increase the level of difficulty.

What I wasn’t expecting was how easy it is for humans to hide from Terminators. When playing the main game, you can hide behind debris but use goggles to still see where the machines are.

I didn’t realise how much I used this tactic until it was gone

In Infiltrator mode, you can’t effectively see through walls like humans can. You can see humans highlighted when out in the open, but you can’t see them once they get behind something.

This managed to make the gameplay feel familiar but sufficiently different from what I expected. I expected to play similar to the end game of the primary campaign, where you build up your character to be a run-and-gun machine. 

Instead, Infiltrator mode requires you to take things a little more stealthily – especially with the inability to save.

Sure, you can see these two, but is one behind the bus?

The map is expanded from another level used in the primary campaign. You investigate hotspots of resistance members and gather intel on the location of the resistance leader for the area.

Exploring the level, the number of extended easter eggs and callbacks made me smile the whole time. Nods range from iconic locations Tech Noir and ‘the’ steel mill to weapons like the Uzi 9mm and the Blooper.

If you know where this is from, then you know

What do I think of Infiltration mode? I enjoyed it. I came out with a huge smile after finishing it, according to Rabbit. Do I believe that it’s worth the console cost of the PS5 version?

Not at full retail. AU$100 on PS5, vs AU$56 on Steam. If you are interested in playing, I would nab it on sale or even the PS4/Xbox One version. The Infiltrator mode was a free upgrade. On PlayStation, almost double the price for the new consoles is way too high an ask.

Hello, Platinum

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Played on – PlayStation 5

As I talked about a couple of weeks ago, playing the entire Phoenix Wright trilogy back to back was wearing at me. Game fatigue is a thing unless you are Harls, and the game is Destiny!

After the pallet cleanser of Terminator Resistance, I was looking forward to completing Trials and Tribulations. Even though it’s been a week, I finally got started on the first case. 

The first case is always a tutorial, so I guessed I wouldn’t be pushed too much in the problem-solving department.

Apparently, Mia took offence at my saying the first case isn’t too hard

I wasn’t expecting to play a prequel case. You take the role of Mia Fey, defending Phoenix Wright on a murder charge. Talk about straight into the big guns!

I’m not going to go deep into the story, but the tutorial is obviously a setup for the story arc of Trials & Tribulations. I expect the villain to reappear as a puppet master in a case or two. I don’t know what gives me that feeling.

Yep, no ominous tones here. We haven’t upset anyone.

So one case down, four to go (Thursday night when I am writing this anyway). Based on the first two games, I guess the next two cases will be done next week, with maybe one a week after that.

Extra work while prepping for holidays is the worst. Still, I am staring squarely at my next Platinum after what should be an exciting story!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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