Last Week’s Gaming

Ace Attorney spins the Wheel of Fortune on a Friday

What’s this? Last Week’s Gaming on a Friday? No, not a mistake – I am changing the day for Last Week’s Gaming. Part of this is simple – Sunday night, I quickly write everything up and get everything sorted for Monday morning. This actually cuts into a lot of my prime gaming time.

So if I play everything on the weekend and use time during the week to clean it up and get it ready for Friday, I am hoping for a few things. The most apparent – more downtime on a Sunday. But I also have an idea for Last Week’s gaming that will require some extra preparation time.

More on that soon. For now, let’s see what I played during the week!

Wheel of Fortune

Played on – Switch

I was looking forward to trying One Deck Dungeon on Thursday night. It was advertised as coming out for Switch on the 12th of August. But Australian time, it wasn’t available to purchase on the eShop. That was frustrating! Why promote a date for ONE REGION without making that clear! I thought those days were over.

But in the deals section was a game that I have been curious to try – Wheel of Fortune. I had some credit in the eShop, and it was on sale, so I decided to try it.

Not knowing American brands was my biggest challenge

After playing for about an hour, it is fair to say Wheel of Fortune plays just as I thought it would. It’s all based on the US version of Wheel, in both game format and spelling. There is help for the format rules, so not the end of the world.

Playing against the ‘Normal’ level AI, I expected more of a challenge. Letter selections seem random, and the final solution doesn’t seem to happen until a hidden timer expires.

For example, I had a very obvious puzzle with 2 letters left that I got three chances to solve. I should have just solved it, but I spun 3 bankrupts in a row!

You have theoretically have a small chance of hitting bankrupt. Theoretically...

And what did the AI pic? Random letters. I say this because if you have the puzzle PEPPERM_INT BAR_, why would anyone pick V?

Wheel of Fortune may be a better challenge Online. I will try a couple of rounds with Hard AI before going down that rabbit hole, though. I can see Wheel being like free online Poker – people that just throw out whatever on the gamble and then leave when they don’t win.

See how that goes. For now, I am just having some fun with a word puzzle game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Played on – Switch, PlayStation 5

On Switch, I finished the first two episodes of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I have enjoyed playing in handheld mode on the couch next to Rabbit, but I felt like playing on the big screen on Tuesday.

There was one problem. I was downstairs, and my Switch was upstairs in my office. I was feeling lazy. So I started again. I originally purchased the Ace Attorney trilogy on PS4 but had never started playing. So now seemed like a good time to begin!

The names in this series are all Dad Jokes

Having already beaten the first two episodes, I could concentrate on the differences in the playing experience between Switch and PlayStation. Apart from loading times (which aren’t terrible on Switch), it really boiled down to Phoenix Wright on the big screen. There wasn’t anything different game-wise – everything is the same, including visuals.

But there is a standard platform difference between the two – Trophies! Running through the first two episodes ‘properly’ (as I already knew what to do) may have worked against me on PlayStation. There are trophies for doing specific things in cases, and the one I looked at included a wrong answer in the First Turnabout.

Guess I will play the first episode a third time?

This guys speeches made my brain hurt

I am enjoying spending time with Phoenix Wright. There are a good couple of hours of gameplay in every case. The visual novel style means I can play without worrying about manual dexterity.

But have I made a mistake starting another trophy list on PlayStation I might not come back to? That comes down to trophy hunting and how important it can be.

Unlike some other games like The Outer Worlds, you don’t sacrifice anything playing Phoenix Wright on Switch, apart from trophies.

Continue on Switch, PlayStation, or both?

On the one hand, I am down on my Gaming Goals for the year. If I want the Platinum, this makes me couch-bound for the rest of the playthrough. Playing Phoenix Wright in handheld mode on the Switch is nice, though.

So the final call boils down to whether I want to play for trophies or portably for convenience. Or do I go for it all and play through twice? One for fun on the Switch, and one for trophies on PlayStation?

That’s a decision for another day!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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