Last Week’s Gaming

Ace Attorney in a Super Rush via the Dungeon of Outer Worlds

Another weird week. Lockdown, projects moving forward, health in general – it’s hard to relax with gaming like this! But I did get some gaming in last week, and that felt good!

A bit is going on, so let’s jump straight into what I did get to play last week.

One Deck Dungeon

Board Game Geek Link – One Deck Dungeon

So I did get to play one physical board game this week. Looking for a two-player experience that would be easy to teach but not boil down to simply who could roll better, I looked at the coop library.

And sitting on the end of a shelf was an old favourite, One Deck Dungeon. I haven’t played the physical version for quite some time, and Rabbit hadn’t played it at all, so I figured what’s the worst that could happen?

Enzo. Enzo is the worst that can happen!

Enzo even tried to roll dice for me

We had a fun time, as I hoped we would. Usually, I would confidently say that we would enjoy playing One Deck Dungeon together. But we are both pretty frazzled, so I was wary of the little quirks of One Deck Dungeon being too much.

Luckily, it wasn’t too bad. We did cheat a little. We didn’t play with the standard extra level conditions during encounters. Yes, this significantly lowered the dungeon delve difficulty. But it made the game simple enough to just sit and enjoy. Even with the occasional intrusion from Enzo, the dungeon master!

Yes, we should have been following these rules

If you would like to know more about One Deck Dungeon, check out my review here!

The Outer Worlds

Played on – PS5

I took advantage of the PlayStation sale to nab The Outer Worlds and the season pass. I loved playing the Outer Worlds on Xbox, and playing it with Game Pass was a great experience, and I love Game Pass.

But I have a real problem buying DLC for Game Pass games. Not because I don’t think the devs deserve to be paid, but because I don’ want to own DLC for a game that I can lose access to at short notice.

So now I have it all on PS5. The downside is that my Xbox save isn’t transferable. Oh no, I have to play a game I really enjoyed all over again!

More Outer Worlds is not a bad thing to me

I am poking around the first section of Outer Worlds. I flew through the game on launch, bugs and all. One advantage of switching platforms late in the game is making a new character and experience everything again. I might even get new options as bug quests have been fixed since I went through the first time!

I might mention playing Outer Worlds from now on, but I will probably quietly progress through it. After all, I have already reviewed the base game! Once I get into the expansion content, I will start talking about Outer Worlds regularly.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Played on – Switch

I was late to the party on the Nintendo DS, moving from Game Boy Advance to the New 3DS. I missed most of the DS generation. One of the games I always meant to try was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

People had told me that it was a good game, and reviews held this theory up. But I never nabbed it. Then when the remastered trilogy came out, I bought it thinking now I could finally see what all the fuss was about.

Its only taken me about 15 years to give Phoenix Wright a try

And I didn’t try it at all until last week. Even now, the main reason I started playing was that I was eyeing off The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Maybe I should give the complete trilogy I already had a try?

So Rabbit was watching a series on TV, and I curled up next to her with my Switch to finally give Phoenix Wright a try. And, so far, I am enjoying it.

The only thing more iconic is the huge 'OBJECTION!' shout

I am only working on the second case, assuming this is still a tutorial level mission. I keep looking for the more complicated ‘gamey’ puzzle things, forgetting the series began its life on the Game Boy Advance.

Visually, Phoenix Wright looks excellent. Essentially a visual novel, there isn’t too much you can do to make things ‘flashy’. There is one type of scene that throws me, though – the courtroom.

Not the character close-ups – they look great! But if you pull out to the overall view of the court, it suddenly looks like a watercoloured impression of the court?

Sharp details on everything but the faces - why?

That may have been the goal, but I spent a few minutes trying to find the setting that killed the detail. It’s not a game-breaking issue by any means – it just threw me.

Other than that, I think this is going to be a great break game. At least with the current level of thinking required. I can read a story section, maybe go hunting, and everything necessary is noted in the Court Record.

Then, put the Switch down and come back to the following 5-minute section later. It could work during the day if I want to look away from work, but I think it will be better to end the day with short gameplay bursts.

The episodes won't take 5 minutes, but there are lots of quick sections within

And unlike games like Skyward Sword, which I am worried I have not played long enough to lose the game flow, Phoenix Wright is made from small self-contained stories. Coming back to the next episode 6 or 12 months later won’t be an issue, which is excellent for my current game time!

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Played on – Switch

I thought I was done with Mario Golf for a while. I played a few more rounds with Pauline and managed to unlock her Super Star clubs! Of course, I had to give them a try straight away.

Now that I have unlocked both clubs for one character, I don't feel like doing the others

They let you hit further but reduce some other stats. My level 100 Mii character seems ‘better’ than the Mario cast, as I get a long drive and high control.

Playing Mario Golf solo, I thought I was pretty much done until I wanted to unwind the next time. But then news of an update come across my feed – New Donk City is a new course!

New courses are always welcome. Splatoon would be interesting!

Playing through a city opens up some exciting hole design. Early in the course, you play at street level. No natural fairway here – your ball bounces enthusiastically off the concrete.

Then as you continue the course, you start playing from rooftop to rooftop and even on some construction platforms. If you try the Pro version of New Donk City, curving your shots and accurate placement is required to keep your score down.

Curve it away or pinball of buildings - your choice

But Mario Golf hasn’t thrown players into the deep end – every hole in New Donk City is Par 3. Playing New Donk City on amateur gives you fewer obstacles and flatter greens, but pro isn’t overly punishing either.

New Donk City is a fun addition to Mario Golf Super Rush, but this won’t sway you if you were on the fence about Mario Golf. Unless the missing element was the inclusion of Toadette, who is now a playable character!

A new challanger approaches! Wait, wrong series

The highlight of New Donk City for me was I finally got a hole in one! After so many close calls, hole 18 let me finally nail it, and on a super shot, no less!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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