Last Week’s Gaming

Retro Super Rush through the Village looking for Cluedo

I know the last few entries have been “working, tired, time-poor”. I thought the light at the end of the tunnel was there, but last week that light was the ‘payment due’ light from my body. I needed to rest up! I think the first clue was not realising what day it was when I posted the previous Last Week’s Gaming.

Games like Village just asked too much of me. Slow reaction times and a stretched mental capacity meant changing my gaming choices to ones I could relax with.

And on the whole, it worked. I had a lot of fun with some slower-paced gaming!

Cluedo (or Clue in North America)

Board Game Geek Link – Cluedo
Played on – Steam

The Steam Summer Sale is on now. I picked up a couple of games, but I looked at the Cluedo and Game of Life 2 Season Passes. Both are still pretty pricey, but I did grab the Cluedo Season Pass. AU$25 later, what do I think?

The themed characters are fun, but don't change the game

There are many different themes, and the characters are all designed in fun and interesting ways. The board layouts are similarly themed, but it boils down to specific weapons and different room names.

This put a smile on my face, but even the themes with nine available characters make no exciting changes, meaning the changes are purely visual.

Differnet weapons, rooms and accusation images are nice, but it's still Cluedo

Cluedo is priced at just under AU$9 – half of the regular $17 asking price. I think this is a deal for anyone that wants to play Cluedo solo. I don’t think the AU$50 Season Pass is a value add at all.

Resident Evil Village

Played on – PlayStation 5

I didn’t play much Village Last week. Still, as I mentioned last week, I only have Mercenaries to knock over for the Platinum. So during the week, looking to have a break, I buckled down for a couple of hours to make some progress.

Well, I hoped to make some progress. But, unfortunately, trying to get my hands to use the controls while evaluating routes and paying attention to everything happening onscreen proved a bit much for me last week.

One of the rare runs I finished. Good score, but not good enough for S rank

I have really enjoyed playing Resident Evil Village, and I would like the Platinum. My problem now is in my mind I have shifted from “I am enjoying playing Village” to “I enjoyed playing Village”.

That doesn’t bode well for going back to Village. I will see how I feel after taking a decent break, but I may not be getting that Platinum soon.


Played on – RG 351M

Needing to unwind, I spent a bit of time playing with my handheld retro machine. A lot of this was technical, reinstalling the new 351Elec and playing with the settings. I am still not quite at the stage where I am 100% happy with it, but I am 95% of the way there.

Not wanting to put much thought into anything, I picked a few games I thought would fit the bill. First, Lamborghini American Challenge replaced Chase H.Q. as I remembered it being a simple racer. Next, Disney’s Party – the Disney version of Mario Party – got a bit of a go. I stopped as it actually annoyed me for some reason.

These screens are tiny, so I tried to put a few together.

Then I found Hot Shots 2. Again, my nostalgia brain went to its happy place. I spent many a night kicking back and playing through this arcade golf game.

It took me a few goes, but I finally won an amateur tournament after 6 tries. This was a couple of hours lying back on the couch that flew by. While kicking back enjoying the feeling of euphoria from my win, I remembered the timing was about right for a new arcade golf game released that day.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Played on – Switch

Mario Golf is a game I am not sure if I played, but I have memories of gameplay moments. It all blurs together with lots of other party games. I saw in the last Direct that Mario Golf: Super Rush was releasing soon, and I remember being very ‘meh’ about it.

But late Friday night, a new Mario Golf game I could play on my big screen felt like the perfect gaming session. I didn’t have any expectations, so the visual overload of the opening almost made me regret buying it.

The opening has a lot going on. It's a good warm up for the game!

After seeing the menu, I pick ‘Golf Adventure mode’, thinking it would be a tutorial type adventure. And initially, that’s what I got. Learn how to hit the ball, aim for the hole, ‘qualify’ for badges – it was mindless fun.

Then things got strange. I had to run after my ball. Not the end of the world, OK. Except my opponents were knocking me down. Scoring was no longer on strokes but how quickly you could play. Superpowers started messing with my shots.

+30 seconds per shot, and time running around counts. Speed Golf is very different!

But the way the new mechanics were introduced meant I wasn’t being overloaded. There are practice goals for different types of shot, so while I am in no way a pro, I am comfortable knowing the different abilities available to me.

Story-wise, I am completely lost. I just beat a giant bird for a fire gem at the behest of a lightning statue. If you know the game, you know where I am. If you haven’t played – yeah, this is the new normal. No ceremony, no warning, just “Things have gone nuts now”.

Defeat huge firebird with golf shots. Just a normal Mario game!

And I am only halfway through the medals available. So I expect things to get much more insane going forward!

I don’t think Mario Golf: Super Rush is for everyone, but it’s the perfect game for my needs right now. The multiplayer mode is probably what most people would be into, but I haven’t even fired it up.

Word of warning – if you just jump straight into the golf party game in the new modes, you will be hit with a lot happening. Super Rush is part golf, part platformer, and I suspect part brawler, all in real-time.

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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