Last Week’s Gaming

Raising Cluedo through the Village for a Hitman Shelfie

I really thought that I didn’t get much gaming in last week. And compared to some weeks, I didn’t. But it was one of those periods where the quality of my gaming time far outweighed the quantity of time spent.

We played a recently arrived Kickstarter, I have one trophy left to get for a Platinum run, and I am slowly making my way through my Steam library. It was a good run in terms of getting closer to checking off goals for the year!

But what was I playing? Let’s find out!

Shelfie Stacker

Board Game Geek Link – Shelfie Stacker

Almost a year ago to the day, I wrote about a Kickstarter I was backing called Shelfie Stacker. And last week, I got to play it!

Shelfie Stacker is board game buying the game. Pick your order, and arrange them on your shelf for the best shelfie. If you can’t place your games neatly, they get added to the shelf of shame.

Each delivery is packed about as well as most game orders I recieve

It’s not just as easy as rearranging your collection as it grows. Once you place your games, they stay on that shelf until the end of the game. Unless you get some help.

Turn order is a bidding game, and you bid with helpers that give you a special power for that turn. So, you have to juggle bidding strategy with a logical layout puzzle while dealing with random items.

Last Weeks Gaming - Shelfie Stacker - End Game
I wish my actual shelf of shame had only one game on it!

It’s not as bad as it sounds, but Shelfie Stacker is indeed easy to learn but challenging to master. There is a solo mode I hope to try out this week as well!

Expect to hear more about Shelfie Stacker over the next couple of weeks.

Cluedo (Clue in North America)

Board Game Geek Link – Cluedo
Played on – Steam

So last week, I got all of the Game of Life Steam achievements. Time to look for another relaxing digital board game. Looking through my library, I have apparently owned Cluedo for quite a while. Time to finally give it a go!

The basic gameplay of Cluedo hasn’t changed for decades. The digital implementation is based on the 2012 release, with the new character Dr Orchid. The only real difference is a slight change to player names – the gameplay is the same.

All of the classic elements are at your fingertips

Cluedo is a game of deduction, and I do appreciate the notepad on the screen. This has let me play distracted but still keep tabs on what is happening. It might be interesting playing Cluedo online against people. The only thing stopping me from doing this is playing around the table with friends.

Unlike the Game of Life, Cluedo is only the one play style. You optimise your investigation while learning how to withhold information within the rules. There aren’t any real mini-challenges like growing your family or specialising in education.

Cluedo does offer a lot of themes to offer some visual variety, at least. The only catch I have is the ‘season pass’ cost.

The different themes are how much?

I need to look into what the DLC offers on top of just themed names and costumes. It seems like one map may have 9 players, but I don’t know if that is a larger board or just more variety in who you can choose from.

Like the Game of Life 2, I don’t think I will be grabbing the pass at these prices. I can buy the physical game for the DLC asking price! But maybe during the Steam sale, the price will look more appealing.

In the meantime, I know what I will be watching this weekend!

Hitman GO

Played on – Steam

Saturday night, I was lying on the couch chilling. I felt like playing something, but I couldn’t think of what would work. Then, looking through my Steam library, I realised I owned Hitman GO: Definitive Edition.

This isn’t the first time I have played Hitman GO. It’s one of my few PlayStation Vita Platinum trophies. But it clicked as a game I could spend a little time with, so I installed it.

A physical board game version would be massive with all the levels on offer

Hitman GO is a strange creature. Originally, it was a mobile game, but it has been ported to a few different platforms. Of course, being a mobile game, you know it’s not the console Hitman game.

Visually, it looks and plays like a board game. You control your Agent 47 piece and move square by square along paths. There are enemies, and if you stand one space in front of them, they will take you off the board.

Get to the objective without being seen. Goon clearing mode engaged!

There are objectives like in the ‘real’ Hitman games. For example, you can kill all enemies on the board or have ‘no kill’ runs. You might need to complete the level in a certain number of moves. The further you go into the game, the more complex the objectives and enemies become.

But unlike the full Hitman games, Hitman GO is entirely turn-based. So you can sit and look at the board for as long as you like – nothing will happen until you move.

I lured the goons to somewhere I can sneak past them. Or do I take them out in one shot?

This changes Hitman GO into a more traditional puzzle game than the third-person action version. This works for Hitman because each level of the core game is a real-time puzzle. Chipping this down to a digital board game like implementation keeps a lot of the core game live but in a very different playstyle.

I don’t know if I will finish Hitman GO again. I have the Platinum on PlayStation, and I don’t need to pad my Steam achievements. But now that I know I have it, I can see myself firing up a level when I have a few minutes.

Resident Evil Village

Played on – PlayStation 5

I am getting closer to the Platinum. Last week, I fired up the PlayStation and thought I would make a start on the ‘Knives Out’ trophy.

The trophy requirements are what you think – you can only use knives on enemies. You can use other weapons on some puzzles, but make sure you don’t hit an enemy!

Hordes of enemies, with nothing but a blade. What could go wrong?

Well, three and a bit hours later, I finished the run. Settling back into the couch as the trophy popped, I felt exhausted but also strangely relaxed.

So now I only have the Mercenaries eight levels of tactical run and gun action. I need to score S rank in all of them for the Platinum. This is only half of my challenge.

Get one, and the Platinum follows. I need a dedicated Mercenaries day.

I will be elated when the trophy pops. It’s the only trophy left – I am going for it. But if I manage to get at least SS rank in each, I unlock the ability to buy the LZ Answerer.

Why am I looking forward to this weapon? Because I can tackle Resident Evil with a lightsaber! Well, similar to but legally distinct from a lightsaber.

Feel the force! Yes it's nuts, but it's fun! Image from

I have already earned a SSS rank and an SS rank. Six missions to go! Do I need to play the game with a lightsaber? Of course not. But I want to. And putting a smile on your face is a big part of what gaming is all about!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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